Our Art

The Farnam Public Library has several works of art by local artists on display. We have everything from paintings to photos to boots. Take a look at what these talented artists have done.

One of our most preciousĀ art projects is an American Flag that was made by the first group of children involved in our library programs. This flag is a primary piece of the library’s history recognizing the importance children have to Farnam Public Library and how valuable the library is to our patrons of all ages.

Now you can’t walk into the Farnam Public Library and not notice our children’s boot collection. There are several sizes and styles of boots representing the many children who have set foot in the library. Some of the boots have been painted and decorated, but others have been left in their natural state. However, they are an important part of our collection and it is our hope that the children will continue to come back and visit their boots.

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