New Guidelines Begin Sept 8

In an effort to assure the library, its staff and patrons are prepared and protected when reopening to the public, the following guidelines have been set up.

Shortened Library Hours at this time:

Monday – Thursday 8:30 am-6:00 pm

Friday 8:30 am-5:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday Closed

*Weekday mornings from 9-10 am will be for “Seniors and Vulnerable Citizens.” Please respect this time we have set aside for them.

*North and South Entrances will be open.

*Patrons will be asked to use hand sanitizer when entering the building.

*Incoming material will be dropped off at entrance and quarantined for 24 hours.

*Number of library patrons will be limited to 30.

*Patrons are encouraged to wear masks. Masks will not be provided.

*Children under 14 years of age will be allowed in the building at this time under the direct supervision of parent or individual 18 years of age. Please avoid extra handling of items.

*Patrons will keep visits limited to 30 minutes. Visits limited to one time per day.

*Public restrooms and drinking fountains will remain closed.

*No Public Telephone.

*Public computers will be limited to 30 minutes and only 2 patrons at a time. One visit per day per person. Call to make reservation. (308-345-1906)

*Newspapers, magazines will be available for limited use.

*Chairs, tables and couches will be arranged for social distancing.

*Printer and copier will be available.

*Curbside service and Homebound Delivery will still be available to those wishing to continue with these services.


These guidelines will be reviewed and updated as warranted.


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