Christmas Drawing Winners

Books, prizes, and treats were among the bags that were in the Christmas drawing at the McCook City Library.

Thirteen and younger winners were: Wesley Benes, Britton Blomstedt, Jacob Blomstedt, Oliver, Cuellar, Cole Davidson, Katie Fulkerson, Damien Kennedy, Gemma Kennedy, MadelynMatson, Hannah Marts, Lennon Mustion, Weston Olson, Jeff Pate, Zander Ralston, Hazel Rotter, Finley Rupe, Emily Spence, Derrick Spencer, Violet Stevens and Blake Willis.

Winners in the fourteen and older category were: Norma Acton, Lainie Allen, Evie Caldwell, Fenella Flaherty, Rachel Hidy, Kaiden Porter, Diane Purvis, Leah Spencer, Bonnie Terry and Beverly Teter.

Congratulations to all!!!!!!

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