Summer Reading begins!!

Written By: salfred - Jun• 08•20

And we are off to a great start for summer reading, I’m excited and sad that we can’t have our Tuesday and Thursday adventures. But you can still come in to the library to check out books and or steam kits!! Don’t forget to log your pages read if you need help with the app just let us know and Sarah can help you!!

We have many, many new books in that are great for summer reading and some many more that we know you will love. Good luck summer readers!

Adults and Teens have fun with you challenges and let us know if you have any questions !! I do have some print offs that go with some of your challenges so just ask ! Good luck

Summer Reading Registration

Written By: salfred - May• 28•20

Summer reading Registration started today and will end on June 5th you can come in and register from 1-5pm will start June 8th 2020 and end on July 31st 2020.
However due to the COVID-19 Virus we will NOT be doing in person program we will have activity packets for the kids to take home
Some important INFO:
When coming to the library anyone under the age of 16 must be with an adult.
The only books that will be counted as pages read will be book that you have checked out from the library.
NO audio, ebooks, kindle, or overdrive/libby will be accepted
If you have any questions about any of the upcoming events Please call or Email Sarah at 308-247-2611 or text 308-765-3222

Morrill Public Library Summer Reading Schedule

Registration Tuesday, May 26th through Friday June 5th 2020 from 1-5pm kids can start reading June 8th 2020 last day for pages read is July 24th 2020

Library WEEK!!

Written By: salfred - Apr• 19•20

Here are some fun fact about Morrill Public Library!
On the front of the building we have a sign that reads WPA built 1936, But the library was not completed until March 4, 1937! The Contractor didn’t like the color of the brick so he sent it all back and went to Nebraska City, NE and had bricks made out of the Nebraska City shale!

The first Public Library in Morrill was not the building we are in now in fact it was a collection of donated books to the Twentieth Century Club and they were kept in the Farmers and Merchants Bank building. This started in 1911 so 109 years ago wow!

The first appointed library board met in November of 1917 those members appointed by the Village of Morrill Board were: John Boatsman, F.E Sterns, A.M. Gill, Mrs. A.A. Kearney, S.J. Mealin, and Mrs.E.A. Beard.

In 1917 the Library Board Rented a small building in Morrill to house their growing collection then in 1924 Charles H. Morrill made a gift of two lots near the downtown area. this would be the site of new library and community building.

In august of 1935 the Library board members met with the WPA officials to plan a new library and community building. This would be the building we are in today and, in 1968 a telephone was installed. In the beginning where the children’s section is now is where the Rotary Club had their meetings, there was a full kitchen downstairs along with a dumb waiter used to bring the lunch up for the Rotary Club. The Library itself was were the adult and teen sections are now.

Where the Village of Morrill Museum is located now was the city council room, witch is why there is a vault in the museum, There was no regular Librarian at first, different ladies acted as the librarian without pay. The first official librarian was hired December 1, 1919 Mrs.Funston her salary was $10.00 a month. Since 1919 there have been 16 Librarians including me!

Dear Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Graders

Written By: salfred - Apr• 08•20

Dear kinder, 1st , and 2nd graders

We here at the library are so sorry we don’t get to see you for the rest of the year, I’m sure walking down to the library is a great adventure and John, Jan, and I love getting to see you and your teachers. Please know we miss and we’ll see you hopefully for Summer Reading. We will see you next year as 1st and 2nd graders!

Lion Cubs (2nd grade) I’m so sorry we didn’t get to have a library card and cookie day, but tradition is tradition so your teachers will make sure you get your applications and we will mail your cards to you!

Library Closed

Written By: salfred - Apr• 04•20

Morrill Public Library is complying with state and public heath regulations to curb the spread of COVID-19. The library will be closed effective April 4th, 2020 until further notice.

If you have question or are in need of books please email Sarah at or call or text 308-765-3222 thank you and stay safe!