Recommended Website Content

There’s a lot you can put on a website, but here are a few pieces of information library patrons commonly look for on a website:

About Us:
1. Tell your story!
2. What makes your library unique?
3. Do you have a mission statement?
4. How do you contribute to the community?
5. Who are the people behind the library?

Contact Us:
1. Include direct email & phone number
2. Include Address/ physical location
3. Use a simple contact form

1. What does your library offer to patrons?
2. What kind of materials do you circulate?
3. Do you have local collections?
4. Do you have a computer lab?
5. Direct links to digital services

Library Policies
1. Include material loan policies online
2. Damaged material policy
3. Computer conduct policies
4. Frequently asked questions

Have a good holiday weekend!

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