Nature’s Wrath by Jason N. McKown

Local author Jason (Jake) McKown has published his first book, and it arrived at our library today. The subject deals with the horror of what can happen when scientists experiment with cloning and genetic engineering.  It is purely fictional, but very scary. It’s not the type of book that you want to read before bedtime. One of the horrible creatures in the book is a cross between a jungle mosquito, a cicada, and an earthworm. That doesn’t sound very ferocious, but it terrorizes the whole country.  Jake even managed to include Sargent, Nebraska and Comstock Nebraska in his story.

So be sure to congratulate Jake when you see him, and come to the library to check out his book.

Summer Reading Continues Through July

Children from birth to grade 6 are encouraged to keep reading this summer. The Sargent Library is giving out prizes to the children for every hour spent reading independently or having someone read to them. There are great prizes available like slushies, pizza, and chamber bucks. For the older kids in Jr High and High School, we are holding a drawing for a Kindle tablet. Every book they read earns them an entry into the drawing.  Make time to read lots of books this summer, and come to the library to claim your prizes.

A Fun, Sunny Day To Learn About The Eclipse

We had so much fun at our library program this afternoon. Most of the time was spent talking about the total solar eclipse that will happen in Sargent on August 21st.  The kids helped demonstrate how the earth orbits the sun and the moon orbits the earth. We looked at pictures of an actual eclipse and talked about how to safely view an eclipse with special eclipse glasses. 

The most interesting item we had to show the kids was some “moon dust”.” This was made at Johnson Space Center and is used to simulate actual moon dust so that scientists can perform experiments with it. Everyone enjoyed touching and feeling it. Some kids wondered why the dust was gray since the moon looks white in the sky.  There were lots of questions and good discussions.

For a snack we made sun cookies. These were supposed to look like a model of the sun. We took a plain sugar cookie with white frosting on top. (Did you know the sun is actually white and not yellow?) They put red and yellow sprinkles on top to represent the solar granules of the sun. We used Cocoa Puffs to represent sunspots, and red licorice to show solar prominences.

Everyone left excited about the upcoming eclipse. Let’s hope we have a clear, cloudless day on August 21st.

Come Learn About the Eclipse and See Some Moon Dust

This Wednesday (6/28), at 2:00 p.m., at the Sargent Library, we are planning a fun afternoon of learning about the upcoming solar eclipse.  We will demonstrate how eclipses work, how to observe the eclipse safely, and how to prepare for the event. There will be moon dust for everyone to touch and feel. For a craft, we will make sun cookies. This event will be geared for children; however anyone who is interested in learning about the eclipse is welcome to come. 

Sargent Was Home to Two Former Nebraska Governors

Ezra Perin Savage

Ezra Perin Savage

Here is one of Sargent’s claims to fame. Two of our town’s former residents once held Nebraska’s highest office.

Ezra Perin Savage was governor from 1901 to 1902. However before this time, he is credited with platting the original town of Sargent. You can read more about him at EP Savage Biography



Ralph Brooks

Ralph Brooks

Ralph Brooks was governor from 1959 – 1960. He graduated from Sargent High School in 1916. You can read more about him at Ralph Brooks Biography

Below is a picture of Ralph Brooks from a 1915 Sargent Annual.

Ralph Brooks

Free Scholarships for Nebraska Kids

We are planning a fun filled children’s reading program this summer with pizza, movies, and other prizes for reading books. In addition to local prizes, any child ages 3-18 will be eligible to have a chance to win a $529 scholarship if they sign up and complete the summer reading program at the Sargent library.

No matter how young your children are, it’s not too early to be thinking about college scholarships. NEST 529 has some other current scholarship contests that are easy to enter. ($5000 for children age 8 and under, $1000 for entering a farm photo age 13 and under, and $529 for children born in 2017)

More information can be found at the following websites:

$529 Scholarship for Summer Reading

Other Nest 529 Scholarships


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