On Your Mark, Get Set, Read – at the Sargent Library!

Today is the official beginning of the summer reading program for kids. For only one hour of reading (or being read to), the prize is an ice cream cone or a hot dog. Another hour of reading time will earn them a prize from our treasure chest. A free pizza and movie rental is the reward for 5 hours of reading. We will have prizes for up to 10 hours of reading. Later in the summer, there will be free baseball tickets to see the Lincoln Salt Dogs or Omaha Storm Chasers.

Reading time logs can be picked up at the library or downloaded here.  It is so important to encourage your children to read over the summer months. The books can be from any source, and don’t forget, that the Sargent Library offers free eBooks and audio books for you to download to your tablet, computer, or phone. Let’s surprise the teachers this fall when they discover that their students have improved their reading skills.

Older kids can enter a prize drawing for a Kindle. Every book they read earns them another entry.

Happy Reading!

Summer Reading Treasure Chest

Summer Reading Treasure Chest

Accept the Challenge and Read Nebraska Books

Nebraska will celebrate its 150th birthday on March 1, 2017. The Nebraska literary community has chosen to use this time to highlight some of the best literature produced by authors in our state. Everyone is encouraged to read 42 books by various Nebraska authors. The chosen books highlight varied cultures, historical time periods and locations and include books of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, young adult and picture books.

Here is the reading challenge: Read all 42 books and you qualify for the Grand Prize.  Read 6 or 12 books and you qualify for the silver or gold prizes. You have until Feb 28, 2017 to enter. This contest is for all ages, so why not read some Nebraska books together as a family this summer? Entry forms are available at the Sargent Library, or follow this link for more information.  Nebraska 150 Reading Challenge

Nebraska 150 Books

Exciting Summer of Reading Planned

Wow! The Sargent Library has an exciting program planned for the kids of the community. Our goal is to encourage the kids to read for pleasure and to retain their reading skills over the summer.  

Younger kids (Preschool – 6th grade) can fill out thOn Your Markeir reading time log and earn prizes like ice cream cones, pizza, movie rentals, etc.  We want children to enjoy reading, so all sources of reading are encouraged. They can read print books, eBooks, audio books, newspapers, comic books, or even the back of their cereal box. Plus, on five different afternoons throughout June and July we will have an Afternoon of Reading where kids can come and listen to a story, play games and do crafts.

The older kids (Jr. High – High School) can have a chance at winning a Kindle. Every book they read earns them an entry for the prize.

Come into the library to learn about all of the details. Library cards are free to everyone, no matter where you live.


Thank You To Our Veterans For Their Service and Sacrifice

Have you ever visited the Wall of Faces? This is a website that displays the pictures of Vietnam veterans killed in action. Some of these veterans listed don’t have pictures, and recently I was contacted at the library for information on a Leroy Sheldon. I searched the Sargent newspaper archive and found this article from 3/6/1969. Freedom isn’t free, and today we honor and remember Leroy. We also give a big THANK YOU to all of the veterans who served and are currently serving our country.


Calling All Local Photographers

Hildegard Center for the Arts, in partnership with the Nebraska Tourism Commission and the Nebraska State Historical Society, is sponsoring a Photography Call for the great state of Nebraska!  The purpose is to highlight historic places and often over-looked historical treasures in all 93 counties. Let’s make sure that Custer County and the Sargent area are represented.

Click here for more information and to submit photos.

Hildegard Center

Sargent High School Yearbooks Are Now Digitized

The SHS yearbooks have returned! This summer we sent the library’s collection of high school yearbooks to Oklahoma Correctional Industries. OCI scanned our collection for free and sent us back a set of seven DVDs that include Sargent High School yearbooks from 1915 to 2014 – all in JPEG format. They did a wonderful job.

We don’t have any current plans to put these online.  Some people may not appreciate having the world see their high school pictures. Another concern is that certain commercial “classmate sites” may use the information for their own website.

The yearbooks are all available on the library’s six computers.  People are welcome to come in with a flash drive and copy any years of interest.  There are also copies of the DVDs at the Sargent School library.

Here’s a picture from the 1915 annual.
Silly teenagers in 1915


Digitized School Yearbooks

Recently I was made aware of an opportunity to get the yearbooks in our library digitized for free.  My first thought was that it must be a scam, but the more I looked into it, I realized it is a legitimate program.  The yearbooks are digitized by Oklahoma Correctional Industries (OCI). OCI will send us the shipping labels and schedule a pickup through Fed Ex.  Then, after the annuals have been scanned, they will be returned to our library in the same condition that they were sent in about 5-6 weeks along with a set of DVD’s containing the digital images of each yearbook. The Garfield County Library and the Ainsworth library have both had this done, and they are very pleased with the results. Did I mention, it’s all totally free?

Here’s where we need your help. We would like to get as complete of a set of yearbooks as possible. I have contacted the school to see what years they have. We are still missing some years, so we are asking if anyone with these missing years would be willing to lend us their copy. If you have a copy, please contact me by phone 308-527-4241 or email sargentlibrary@gmail.com .

Here are the years that we need:  1914 (or older), 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1939, 1941, 1942, 1946, 1948, 1950, 1951, 1953, 1954


Sargent Newspaper Archive Search Help

There have been quite a few people having trouble accessing the Sargent Newspaper Archives. The most likely reason is because they are using a Chrome internet browser.   When using Chrome, the search results show up, but when the pdf link is clicked, it loads up blank. This is caused by a glitch in the Chrome pdf viewer plugin. There is nothing wrong with your computer.  The simplest solution is to use a different browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.  If you must use Chrome, then you will need to save the pdf to your hard drive or change the pdf viewer plugin. Hopefully this will help you have a better search experience.  For more help, go to the Helpful Hints Page.

The Newspaper Database is Here

The Sargent newspaper archive has arrived.  It has been added to all 6 of our computers, and provides some interesting reading.

The oldest newspapers probably were not in the best condition when they were microfilmed, and they are hard to read.  Most of the words won’t show up in search results, but they are interesting to browse through.Capture3

I searched The Sargent Echo, from July 23, 1897. The interesting news of the day was:

“Jacob Groff, the man who was judged insane, and waiting to be taken to Norfolk, escaped from the jail last night by removing the bars from the window. “  In the editorial that followed, they were not very happy with the competence of the Custer County Sheriff.

You could get a package of coffee for 15 cents, 30#s of dried grapes for $1, and 40#s of oatmeal for $1, and 11 bars of good soap for only 25 cents.

A new drug was advertised called Vatuma.  It was an antiseptic germicide that destroyed all microbes and germs of every kind, name and nature.  People could use it as a permanent cure for whatever ailed them.  Then of course there was Dr Kilmer’s Swamp Root to be taken for back pain.

Come over to the library and search & browse for a while.

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