Book Discussion Group

Take a break and join us on May 26, 2021 at 10:30 am for our next discussion featuring Mama’s Child by Joan Steinau Lester.
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A stunning tale about the deeply entrenched conflicts between a white mother and her biracial daughter.  Mama’s Child is story of an idealistic young white woman who travelled to the American South as a civil rights worker, fell in love with an African American man, and started a family in San Francisco, where the more liberal city embraced them—except when it didn’t.  …… Read more.

If you have a book that is on the list of your favorite reads, then share it with the group. Others may want to read it also!

Hella’s Book Review

This month Hella reviews the book The Four Winds by Kristen Hannah.

     Kristin Hannah, author of The Nightingale, wrote a powerful historical fiction titled The Four Winds. It is a story of the Great Depression and how one woman showed unbelievable strength to help her family survive the terrible dust storms that swept through Texas and throughout the Great Plains for more than ten years.
     At the beginning of the story the reader is introduced to twenty-five-year-old Elsa Wolcott. At age fourteen Elsa had a childhood fever and ever since, her parents have insisted she was too weak to endure any social interaction. She was also told that she was not pretty like her sisters and that no man would want to marry her.  So, Elsa spent her much of her time much in her room reading, especially romantic novels, while her parents showed no love for her at all.
     One day, as Elsa was growing tired of the treatment she was receiving, she decided to sew a red dress for herself and sneaked out in search of a romantic adventure.. . .Read the full review

If you’ve read a book that you think others will enjoy, share it with us.