Hella’s Book Review

Hella reviews the book The Show Girl by Nicola Harrison

Historical fiction is my favorite genre, and the 1920’s have always intrigued me which is why I chose the novel Showgirl by Nicola Harrison to review. This fictional story gives a glimpse of the glamorous world of the costumes, the dancing, and the music of that era through the eyes of a young midwestern girl.

Olive McCormick, a young talented singer and dancer, moves to California at the age of nineteen to perform at an amateur opera company, although her parents are strictly against her move. In California, she catches the attention of Florenz Ziegfield.  Later, he invites Olive to visit him in New York. She is thrilled by this invitation and is determined to travel to New York, but when she returns to Minnesota from California some unforeseen circumstances keep her in Minnesota for the rest of the year.. . .Read the full review

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Book Discussion Group

Take a break and join us on Sept 22, 2021 at 10:30 am for a special discussion featuring Nebraska’s One-Book-One-Nebraska choice: Prairie Forge: The Extraordinary Story of the Nebraska Scrap Metal Drive of World War II by James J. Kimble, along with Nebraska Humanities speaker Charlotte Endorf as she presents KIND NEBRASKANS: PERSONAL STORIES OF NEBRASKANS IN WORLD WAR II.

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In the wake of Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt called for the largest arms buildup in our nation’s history. A shortage of steel, however, quickly slowed the program’s momentum, and arms production fell dangerously behind schedule. The country needed scrap metal. Henry Doorly, publisher of the Omaha World-Herald, had the solution. Prairie Forge tells the story of the great Nebraska scrap drive of 1942—a campaign that swept the nation and yielded five million tons of scrap metal, literally salvaging the war effort itself…….. Read more.

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