Hella’s Book Review

Hella reviews the book The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba by Chanel Cleeton


Author Chanel Cleeton has written yet another amazing historical fiction about Cuba’s tumultuous past. Her latest novel, The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba, is set at the eve of the Spanish-American War, which took place from 1896 to 1898.  At a time when the country was still in a bitter conflict between the Cuban revolutionaries and the Spanish military.

     The story is told through the eyes of three very brave women, all who come from wealthy families but choose to seek more than what their rich lives would provide for them.  Evangelina Ciserno is the title character, a true-life individual whom the story is based on. Grace Harrington who is aiming for a serious career as a journalist during a time when very few women were accepted as news reporters, and Marina Perez, the daughter of a rich sugar plantation family who sided with Spain. Marina’s family disowned her when she married Mateo, a farmer fighting with the Revolutionaries for Cuban freedom.. . .Read the full review

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