Hella’s Book Review

This month Hella reviews the book The Last Correspondent by Soraya M. Lane.

In this novel the author enriches this World War II story by examining the discrimination against women journalists and photographers during this era.

     In 1943 Ella Frank is writing stories for United Press in Illinois under a male pseudonym, since the news agency does not allow women to submit their stories for publication. But when her identity is revealed, she loses her job.  With a passion for writing, Ella takes a job offer overseas in England where she is expected to write articles about the women who volunteer to help the Red Cross keep up the moral of the soldiers, like the Club-Mobile Girls. But this is not enough for Ella. She wants to observe and report on what is happening throughout the war zones.  She learns about the upcoming invasion of Normandy and tries to find a way to get herself onto one of the hospital ships heading for Omaha Beach.  And since only men correspondents are allowed credentials to cover the invasion, Ella decides to hide in one of the lifeboats onboard ship. . .Read the full review

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