Anything Goes at Kilgore Memorial Library

4-H Extension Intern, Kaylie Ziegler, leading dolphin anatomy class during Anything Goes at Kilgore Memorial Library.

Tissue and tinfoil and tails, oh my!

For this week’s Anything Goes activity, 4-H Extension Intern, Kaylie Ziegler, taught participants ages 2-10 about dolphin anatomy and told the story of Winter, the bottlenose dolphin without a tail. The kids learned about how marine scientists developed a prosthetic tail to help Winter swim, and brainstormed how to create their own dolphin tails out of bubble wrap, popsicle sticks, coat hangers, and tinfoil. When they finished, they tested their tail’s strength by flapping a sheet of tissue paper across the floor. We saw some very colorful and creative designs from the kids who attended! Some stretched their supplies over hangers, while others cut their tail from cardboard. For next week’s Anything Goes, Aurora’s Edgerton Explorit Center will be coming to the library when we will explore sound waves and light waves through the “Waves of Possibilities,” at Kilgore Memorial Library.

Dolphin tale made during Anything Goes at Kilgore Memorial Library.

This post was written by Kilgore Memorial Library’s summer intern, Lily Houston. This summer intern position is funded through the 2022 Nebraska Library Internship Grant Program.

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