Not So Scary Very Fun Halloween Party!

Hallowee TYoung children can enjoy a safe, fun Halloween Party at the  Library on Friday October 30th at 10:00.  Featured are simple crafts, easy games and some sweet treats for children up to six years of age.  After our snacks we will have a costume parade and trick or treat the Library!  Join the fun with your toddler or preschooler!  Costumes are encouraged for young and old alike, but please no “gory” or scary masks.

Register at the Library or call us to register at 402-363-2620.


Welcome Back, York College Students!

globe bookOur college students have returned for another academic year and York is full of their youth, enthusiasm, and optimistic outlooks!  We are so fortunate to have these young people in our town, and they contribute greatly to our community.

Students, please stop by the Library and register for your public library card.   Your card is free and it also allows you access to our databases and overdrive for free e-books and downloadable audio books for your devices.

We also have study rooms, meeting rooms, an Accu-cut machine (useful for student-teachers) and our Young Adult fiction collection is full of the current best-sellers and popular titles.  We’re here to help!

Thanks for helping make York a great place and have an awesome school year!

Summer Reading Success!

sandy booksOur 2015 summer reading program was a great success!  Thanks to all the parents and caregivers who brought their kids to our programs.  Thanks to all the Junior Friends who helped out manning the reading club desks and assisting with the events.  Special thanks to all the children and teens that made reading a part of their summer schedule.  We had over 550 children in reading clubs and the teens read over 370 books! School will be back in session in less than two weeks!  Enjoy the last bit of summer!

What does summer mean to you?

summerIs summer a chance to slow down a bit and enjoy life at an easier pace?  The children are out of school and enjoying the warm weather with summer sports and activities.  Everyone enjoys the fresh vegetables and fruit from the Farmer’s Market.  Picnics and afternoons at the park mark the days and soon fireworks will fill our evening sky.

Here at the Library we have completed more than half of our summer programs.  Our York children were entertained with magic by Jeff Quinn; enjoyed a wonderful marionette show; and superhero science with Mrs. Science.   We made our own superhero books and played bingo with our favorites like Batman and Wonder Woman.  We watched two award-winning movies and have eaten tons of popcorn too!

Still to come is a very special Humanities Nebraska presentation on July 7th at 2:00. “Legends and Leaders of the West” will be presented in song and story by Deb Carpenter-Nolting and Lyn Messersmith, both western Nebraskans.  This program was funded by a grant from Humanities Nebraska and will be a wonderful treat for all of us.  Please mark your calendar today and don’t miss this exceptional chance to learn about these western icons.

Most rewarding for the Library staff this summer, are the record number of children in our reading clubs.  More children are reading, and they are reading more books than ever!   More kids are completing their reading logs, and our teens have read over 150 books already and they still have five weeks left until the major prizes are drawn!  It is awesome to hear a child tell you about their new favorite book they are reading and their happiness discovering a new author who writes books they love!  Kindles and audio books are also very popular this time of year and Overdrive is a much-loved service during the summer months.

Don’t forget to check out our other programs offered in July and our Friends Book Sale July 23rd-25th.

I hope your family is enjoying your summer and your summer reading too!

Summer Reading Time: “Every Hero Has a Story”

Book WomanI have been busy visiting with the children and teens this month at their schools and some classes have come to the Library to learn about our summer programs and reading clubs.  Every child who attends a school in York will receive a red calendar with a parent letter and more information.

All our Library programs are FREE and open to anyone of any age.  If you attend summer Library programs with toddlers or preschoolers, please make sure they are accompanied by an adult or a caregiver.  Make sure your older child is comfortable being left at a program without you.  You may want to stay in the Library during the program and look for an adult book, use our computers or read a magazine or newspaper.  Most of our programs last only an hour; however several of the movies run as long as 2 ½ hours, so make sure your child knows what time you will pick them up.

Our summer programs are geared to elementary age children, younger children may tire more easily and you are welcome to leave programs early if your child is restless.

Entering 5th graders and up may join our youth volunteer group, the Junior Friends.  These kids help out in the summer in many ways: working the reading club desk, helping out at programs, assisting younger children with crafts, and acting in our summer puppet group.  If you have a child interested in joining Junior Friends this summer, please sign them up to attend our Junior Friends Meeting on Wednesday May 27th at 3:00.

Check out all these events at the Library and encourage your child to sign up for summer reading club.  We hope to see your family at the Library this summer!

Kilgore Memorial Library Summer 2015

Youth Program Calendar

Thursday May 21st  Sign Up for Summer Reading Clubs Begins

Friday May 22nd  7:00 Reading Club Kick Off

Featuring Award Winning Magic with Jeff Quinn! 

Wednesday May 27th  2:00 Returning Junior Friends Meeting

3:00 NEW Junior Friends Meeting 

Thursday May 28th  2:00 Disney Movie Afternoon 

Tuesday June 2nd  2:00 Traction Man Day!

Hear his story & take home your own action figure too! 

Thursday June 4th 2:00 Super Hero Bingo and Trivia  Contest!

Tuesday June 9th 2:00 Miss Science “Awesome Super Science” Show 

Thursday June 11th 2:00 What’s Your Story?

Make a super hero story book about YOU!

Tuesday June 16th 2:00 Urban Prairie Puppet Company

Presents: “Gullible’s Adventures!”

Thursday June 18th 2:00 Lego Movie Afternoon 

Tuesday June 23rd 2:00 Magical Paradise Animal Farm Visit 

Thursday June 25th 2:00 Super Hero Training Day and Cape* Making Workshop

*Bring your own light colored t-shirt to make a cape! 

Tuesday June 30th 2:00 Super Hero Family Movie Day 

Tuesday July 7th 2:00 Legends and Leaders of the West:  A Humanities Nebraska Program

Thursday July 9th 2:00 Animal Hero Movie Day 

Thursday July 16th 2:00 Junior Friends Puppet Show:  Presenting “The Three Little Fish

and the big bad Shark”

Tuesday July 14th 7:00 2nd Annual Teen Iron Chef Competition! 

Friday July 17th 1:00-4:00 Beach Party at the FAC!

(Regular admission charged for this event.)Bookman

Get Ready for Summer!

bookstackSpring is here and summer isn’t far behind.  In less than 60 days the children will be out of school for vacation and it will be time to “catch some rays,” and spend some time poolside.  What will your children do this summer?  If you have young children at home you know that summer means finding ways to keep them busy, employing babysitters, or getting those camp dates scheduled.  Every child should be looking forward to a summer of fun, a time when the phrase “I’m bored!” should be the very last phrase that is on their lips.

For the staff at the Kilgore Library, summer is the time of year that we work the hardest to attract young people to our doors.  We want to provide fun, educational programming that will continue to engage our children and entertain them too.  We want every child to be able to enjoy the programs we offer free of charge and join our reading club to keep actively reading during the months out of school.

If your child does not read during the break he will lose several levels of his reading comprehension and it will take him 6-8 weeks to re-learn what he has lost.  No one wants their child to start a new school year behind.  To ensure your children read this summer, have your family visit the Library at least twice a month to choose “new” reading material, and encourage your child to join our summer reading club.

Get ready for summer reading now!  If you don’t have a Library card, come in and get one!  Library cards are free to any York city or county resident.  If you have an old style card, come in and have your account updated.  Now we can even add your email address to your record and have date due and reserve reminders emailed to you.  You may choose to have a family card and keep everyone’s book checkouts together.  We can also make cards for each family member.  Each new card comes with two mini-key chain cards too.  This makes keeping a family’s cards together much easier to manage.  If you live within walking distance of the Library consider putting a house key on a lanyard with one of your mini Library cards too.

We can no longer check out items without a Library card, so if your children are visiting the Library any time without you, please consider giving them one of the key card versions on a key ring.

Next month I will highlight our super summer activities at the Library.  Don’t forget to buy some sunblock, and stop by and get your Library card ready for the summer too.

Are You Listening?

Family reading Listening Skills are so important to becoming an actively engaged learner.  Listening and understanding what someone has said is an important skill that ensures a child is following what is being taught in the classroom.  How can we make sure our children become active listeners? The answer sounds simple:  Read aloud.  Read often.  Read different types of stories, poems, nonfiction, in short choose variety in what you read to your children.

A growing child’s listening comprehension is always much greater than their reading ability, especially into elementary grades.  A child who is read to at an early age has a greater vocabulary than one who never hears a book read aloud until they begin school.  Oral language skills don’t stop at listening, speaking is important too.  We can “grow” our child’s listening skills by adding a few simple things to your family read aloud time.

  1. Ask your child about the story when you complete a chapter or finish your reading time at the end of the day.  Choose questions like:  Who is your favorite character in this book?  What do you think about what happened in this chapter?   Ask questions your child can answer simply and show they were listening to your reading.
  2. Ask about new words you may have found in the book.  Make sure your child knows what those words mean if they are new to them.  Ask your child if they can think of a sentence using the new word.  “How would you use this word, Aiden?”  Growing a larger vocabulary can be a fun exercise “game” too.
  3. Talk about the whole book, including the physical aspects of the title.  Examine the illustrations, talk about the colors, and style.  Ask your child if they think the cover illustration is right for the book, or ask them to draw a new cover or page for the text.  Children who love art will enjoy drawing their own pictures for a story.  Try this with a Dr. Seuss book.  Don’t show your child the illustrations, but let them draw the characters they see in their own mind.  This will broaden their listening skills too.

Enjoy your family read aloud time and cherish the wonderful books you share together.

Keep reading.  Keep listening.  Keep learning.

Books for Our Lives

girl readingMy husband and I just moved to the “country” and I just turned a year older too. Both of these events in my life remind me that we are not permanent fixtures in this world, but just “passing through.” What we choose to be important enough to move to our next home says a lot about what we find valuable in our life.  I have to admit that I moved probably too many books, everything from my childhood favorites to professional titles, I just might need again.  Of course now I have the aching back and painful arms to affirm my reluctance to “weed” more of my private library.  Still, if we stop to think about what defines us in our short lives, books should be one of the most important legacies of who we are and what we’ve become.

What books are on the shelves at your house?  Do you have some favorite books that your children ask to be read again and again?  Is there a book that your toddler always picks out at the Library that you’ve checked out several times? We need to encourage families to grow small home book shelves along with being an active Library user.  Choose titles that everyone likes to listen to again and again and don’t forget a few fairy tale books with multiple stories.  Having even a few books at home can teach children how to care for and respect books too.

We missed the snow storm that buried the East Coast this week.  Many people are without power and have no television or internet for a few days.  Consider books as emergency family entertainment too.  Every family should have some books in their home.  They make great gifts and you can find many great used books at thrift stores and book sales.

Speaking of book sales, our Friends of the Library Book Sale is 10:00-3:00 on Saturday March 7th, and the pre-view sale for members only is Friday March 6th from 5:30-7:30.  Our Friends of the Library group helps out with so many projects at Kilgore, and they are major supporters of our summer programs.  To become a member of the Friends group costs only $10 a year, and all the money goes back into our Library.  Book Sale books are sold for $5 a bag or $10 a box.

I hope you have several beloved books at your house full of family favorites.  People who love to read, love and cherish books too.

New Year! New You!




Try Some Reading Resolutions!

Are you ready with your New Year resolutions?

What do you want to improve on in your life for 2015?




Here are some great reading resolutions:

  1. Read More in the coming year
  2. Read Something New
  3. Read more Nonfiction books
  4. Read Aloud more as a family
  5. Share the books you love with others
  6. Listen to a child read
  7. Read to an elderly person

Have a Happy New Year!  …And Keep Reading!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

santaAnd All through the house, everyone was reading…

even the mouse!

Celebrate the season with some memories that won’t cost your family anything!  Share some wonderful books this December that are even more enjoyable read aloud.



Two of my favorite holiday books may not be ones you are familiar with:

Nine Days to Christmas by Marie Hall Ets tells the story of little Ceci who gets to choose the piñata for her first posada, a special Mexican Christmas Party.  I loved this book as a child and time has not dampened the special wonder of Ceci’s story in this Caldecott award winner.

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins by Eric Kimmel.  Goblins haunt the synagogue and the town can no longer celebrate Hanukkah.  Not to worry, Hershel outwits the holiday thieves! Children and adults will love this scary-humorous tale.

Don’t forget these picture book favorites:

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Robert Lewis May

The Night Before Christmas by C. Clement Moore

A Charlie Brown Christmas by Charles M. Schultz

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss

The Littlest Angel by Charles Tazewell

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

And for Family chapter book reading consider these:

Ramona and her Father by Beverly Cleary

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson

The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams

Many families celebrate the season with a yearly reading of their favorite holiday stories. If you don’t already have a favorite, have fun exploring all the seasonal titles available from the Kilgore library.  Did someone say Pete the Cat Saves Christmas?  Of course he does!

May the joy of reading be in your home for the holidays!