Oceans of Possibilities – week 3

Summer Reading theme 2022

This year our summer intern, Lily Houston, is writing summaries of each event at the library. Here are her stories for the week of June 21 through 23.

Tuesday, June 21 — Anything Goes

This week for Anything Goes Day, kids ages 4-10 put on their programming hats as they learned how to maneuver Sphero bots through a nautical obstacle course. After the kids had lined the bots up with their control tablets, adjusted the speed, and spent some time rolling them around the room or on practice paths, they were ready to attempt the course. The kids carefully rolled their bots along the obstacle line (complete with ramps, styrofoam animals, and a shark that they had to feed their bot to), and colored pictures of treasure chests and octopi afterward. Next week, 4-H will be coming to talk about salt water and buoyancy.

Thursday, June 16 — Book Buddies

For Book Buddies this week, we set sail with pirates! Little Cubs Daycare and the Y.E.S. 4th Grade Boost came to read books, sing songs, and go on a treasure hunt. After getting stick-on tattoos of sea life, the kids listened as the 4th graders read “Pirate Pete’s Giant Adventure” and “Pirate Monty Takes the Plunge.” The kids also played Captain’s Orders (a version of Simon Says) and searched around the room for a treasure chest filled with gold coins. The kids were also able to make their own fold-up treasure chest, complete with jewels. All of the kids had a great time pretending to be pirates! Next week, we will be reading about different kinds of sea life with “Poky, the Turtle Patrol” and “Lobster’s Amazing Adventure” and making turtles out of CD’s.

Thursday, June 16 — Cookies and Canvas

Last week for CFor Cookies and Canvas this week, kids ages 5-13 learned about the artist Claude Monet and his development of Impressionism, or using small brushstrokes to depict different forms of lighting on a subject. After reading a short bio about Monet, the kids used watercolors to recreate his famous water lilies painting. The kids worked hard on their paintings, experimenting with different shades, colors, and designs. After they were finished painting their watery background, the kids used green and white cupcake wrappers to make lily pads and lilies for their scene, all while snacking on Oreos and animal crackers. Next week, we will be learning about Vincent Van Gogh and creating dioramas of our ideal rooms like Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles” painting.

This post was written by Kilgore Memorial Library’s summer intern, Lily Houston. This summer intern position is funded through the 2022 Nebraska Library Internship Grant Program.

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