Moving Forward – Overdrive Advantage

Our library has recently signed up to Overdrive Advantage. This is a way for our library to purchase eBooks and Audiobooks to add to our already existing Nebraska Overdrive and Libby apps.

Why are we doing this?

We are seeing an increase in the number of patrons that are checking out digital books from Nebraska Overdrive. While we still will be focusing a majority of our book budget to physical books and DVDs, we know that we need to adjust to keep moving forward.

We will take a very limited portion of our book budget and purchase eBooks and Audiobooks from Overdrive Advantage and these eBooks and Audiobooks will be added to our Nebraska Overdrive account that many of you already use, however these eBooks and Audiobooks that we purchase will only be available to Butler Memorial Library patrons. This will allow these purchased eBooks and Audiobooks to be available with much shorter or no hold time!

I will purchase eBooks and Audiobooks that we see have a large wait list and are new release books. We have a limited budget for this so only approximately 1 eBook and 1 audiobook a month will be purchased. This is a slow start but will give us a way to learn how this process works so we can better serve our community in the future.

I will try to list recently added titles on our website here:

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