Library Updates

Close to probably two years ago we started looking in to extending the west wall in the Studio room. While looking into this project we ended up fixing more than we anticipated when we found asbestos in the ceiling texture. The asbestos has been removed, ceiling cleaned, new ceiling texture and paint and then finally we were able to build the wall to enclose the Studio room! Probably the longest, most expensive route but our library has never been cleaner and brighter. We hope all this work will continue to extend the life of our library. We are often told how nice our library in Cambridge is. And we have to agree! We love our library!

I was reminded this week of what started this journey. We wanted to enclose the Studio room to allow for a bit more privacy when using the room for a workshop, meeting or studying. I did get to use the room with my Kids Book Club kids this summer and we utilized many of the makerspace equipment in that room as well but we had our first group reserve the Studio for a meeting on Tuesday this week!

Thanks ladies for thinking of us for your meeting location! This room is definitely a nice room for many different purposes!

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