Two Cozies

25663603Antiques Cymru is coming to Llanelen in Murder on the Hour, the 7th installment of Elizabeth J. Duncan’s Penny Brannigan series. During the event, a local woman is killed and the quilt she had evaluated by the show goes missing. When Penny finds the person who now has the quilt, she becomes involved in discovering the truth. Tight plotting, nice characters and a new love interest for Penny keep this series fresh.




In A Likely Story by Jenn likelyMcKinlay, Briar Creek librarian Lindsey Norris is delivering a crate of books to a local island.  When Stewart, the elderly hermit who ordered the books fails to turn up, Lindsey and boat captain (and sometimes boyfriend) Sully worry that something has happened.  It has:  the duo find Stewart’s brother murdered in his wheelchair.  Stewart and his boat are missing.  Has Stewart murdered his brother or has he run away from a killer?  As the police, helped along with some historical research by Lindsey, delve into the history of the family, long held secrets and lies emerge…

The books in this series are very comfortable reads although I cannot believe how much time Lindsey spends away from the library.  The characters are ordinary which makes them believable and the plots are always pretty good.  Recommended.




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