FSA 2021


The intent of the Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead February program is to give CPLS librarians 20 project ideas for a variety of ages. The System plans to assist with the supplies and instructions necessary to do these projects and (when it is appropriate) provide an instructional video that can be linked to the library’s Facebook page or website (if the librarian chooses to do so). We are going to leave the list of resources on the FSA February page of the System’s website through the end of the year. Any time during 2021 that a CPLS Librarian wants to do a project, he/she may contact us for the supplies. If the CPLS Librarian wants to wait until the end of February, so that he/she can choose from the whole list, that is fine. The CPLS Librarian may request things for one project at a time or request the supplies for all the projects he/she is interested in all at the same time. Either way will work for us. Please just be sure to allow a minimum of 2 weeks for us to get project supplies to the Library.

Day 3 – Glitter Tornado
Glitter Tornado Instructions
Food Coloring, Dishwashing Soap, Glitter, Seed Beads

Day 5Trigger Launcher
Trigger Launcher Instructions
All Necessary Supplies, Except Hot Glue Gun
(will send craft glue)

Day 6Glowing Lava Lamp
Glowing Lava Lamp Instructions
Alka-Seltzer Tablets, Glow Sticks

Day 7Pinwheels and Twirligigs
Pinwheel Instructions
Pinwheel Templates
Twirligig Instructions
Colored Paper, Straight Pins, Paper Straws, Mini Erasers, Skewers, Glue Sticks

Day 8Nerf Gun Math
Nerf Gun Math Instructions
Plastic Cups, Foam Dart Shooters

Day 9Newton’s Cradle
Newton’s Cradle Instructions
Craft Sticks, Marbles, String, Glue

Day 11DIY Robotic Hand
DIY Robotic Hand Instructions
All Necessary Supplies

Day 12Catapult
Catapult for Kids Instructions
All Necessary Supplies

Day 15Pneumatic Machine
Pneumatic Machine Picture Instructions
All Necessary Supplies for a limit of
20 Basic Machines per Institution

Day 17 – Balloon Bash!
Balloon Rocket and Electric Balloons
Skewering a Balloon
Inflating a Balloon…in a different way
Balloons, Baking Soda (you’ll need to get your own vinegar), Skewers, String, Tape, Straws

Day 18Parachute
Toy Parachute Instructions
Trash Bags, String, Cups

Day 19Rubber Band-Powered CD Car
Rubber Band-Powered CD Car
Rubber Bands, Straws, Skewers, CD’s

Day 20Bristlebot Robot
Bristlebot Robot Instructions
Toothbrush, Motor, Battery, Foam Tape, Googly Eyes, Pipe Cleaner

March 15Bubble Prints
Bubble Print Instructions
Food Coloring, Paper Bowls, Straws

March 26 – Final Friday Fun
Binary Baubles Instructions
Binary Coding Worksheet
Beads, Cord

April 15 – Straw Pan Flutes
Pan Flute Instruction Sheet
Music Recording Sheet
Straws, Double-Sided Tape, Cardstock

April 30Exploding Boomerangs
Exploding Boomerangs Instruction Sheet
Jumbo Craft Sticks (lots of them)

May 15Harry Potter Wand
STEAM Powered Family Website
Harry Potter Wand Instruction Sheet
Craft Sticks, Copper Tape, LED Bulbs, CR2032 Batteries, Decorative Tape

May 28 Bow and Arrow
Bow and Arrow Instruction Sheet
All Necessary Supplies EXCEPT the Hot Glue Gun

June 15 House of Cards
Deck of cards for each participant.

June 25 String and Bead Puzzle
String and Bead Puzzle Instructions WITH Hints
String and Bead Puzzle Instructions NO Hints
All Necessary Supplies

June 25 Final Friday Fun
Coordinates for Olympic Rings Graph Instructions
Graph paper and markers for each participant.

July 15 Paper Coding Treasure Hunt
Pencils, Notecards, and Notebooks

July 30 – Hand-Held Slingshot
Slingshot Instruction Sheet
All Necessary Supplies EXCEPT the Hot Glue Gun

August 15 Tissue Paper Painting
All Necessary Supplies

August 27 Rainbow Paper
All Necessary Supplies

September 15 – Drops of Water on a Penny
Penny Instruction Sheet
All Necessary Supplies

September 24 – DIY Smart Phone Projector
All Necessary Supplies

October 29 – DIY Pentominoes
All Necessary Supplies

November 15 – Creating with Pony Beads Video
Pony Bead Pattern
All Necessary Supplies

November 29 – Ski Challenge
All Necessary Supplies