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Summer Reading Readers were OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!

The McCook City Library summer reading program has come to a close. The youth were outstanding in their numbers for reading pages and minutes.

The top ten readers in each group are:

Kindergartner’s Unite (Planet Pals)

Isabella Burns, Nathan Blomstedt, Sullivan Hancock, Cyrus Galarneau, Addison Dold, Damien Peacock, Asher Pearson, Amelia Barger, Corinne Coady and Riot Samway.

1st & 2nd Graders (Space Cadets)

Xander Galarneau, Rinlee Blomstedt, Britton Blomstedt, Zander Ralston, Dylan Foley, Gidget Crocker, James Blomstedt, Paisley Marvier, Lily Spencer and Max Bates.

3rd & 4th Graders (Star Gazers)

Brighton Hancock, Hannah Ralston, Ashton Pedersen, Brooks Long, Brooklyn Dold, Violet Stevens, Ali Sellers, Axel Blomstedt, John White and Kaeden Oiler.

5th & 6th Graders (Starship Troopers)

Truman Hancock, Brianna Stecker, Derek Spencer, Paxton Pedersen, Jackson Blomstedt, Aaron Spencer, Redford Crocker, Addison Schliep, Brandon Mitchem and Eli Graff.

Congratulations to all our readers in the summer reading program and KEEP IT UP!!!!!

Library Hours are Changing thru August

The Library will change its hours starting July 27th-August 31, 2019.

Hours will be:

Monday-Friday   8:30 am-5:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday  Closed

Thank you, McCook City Library Staff


Summer Reading Registration is Going on NOW!!!!!!!

Registration will end for Summer Reading at the Library on Friday, May 24.  Sessions will run from June 4-July 25.

Groups meet on the following days:

Planet Pals (Going into Kindergarten)

Tuesdays   June 4-July 23    10-11:30 am

Space Cadets (1st & 2nd Grades)

Tuesdays   June 4- July 23   1:30-3:00 pm

Star Gazers (3rd & 4th Grades)

Thursdays   June 6- July 25   1:30-3:00 pm

Starship Troopers (5th & 6th Grades)

Wednesdays  June 5-July 24  1:30-3:00 pm

For more information or any questions please call 345-1906.


Book Winners from Children’s Book Week

McCook City Library  held a book drawing during Children’s Book Week. Winners included: Kalissa Hagan, Zander Ralston, Kennedy Fichtner, Iris Chipperfield, Isabelle Davidson, Lee Davidson, Dashiell Messersmith, Kaleb Blake, John White, Ivy Bogardus, Siobhan Cochran, Britton Blomstedt, Addison Schliep, Madelyn Matson, Brighton Hancock, Dylan Foley, Brooklyn Dold, Landon Dickes, Marcus Ingles and Eli Ingles.

Easter Coloring Contest Draws a Crowd

The 2019 Easter Coloring Contest at the Library attracted a large group. The top five were picked in each division, all participants received a favor for entering.

Preschool: Top Five: Liz Wheeler, Niahlee Gauna, Grace Haag, Cyrus Galarneau and Emmeline Moser.

Others participating included: Caroline Haag, Everett Hanson, Braddock White, Ellisyn Mavier, Nicolette Gaster, Gage Kinkaid, Hazel Rotter, Acacia Frank, Lauryn Smith, Kaleb Blake, Paul Neuffer, Eden Neuffer, Isaac Weiser, Allisyn Nickerson, Alex Johnson, Augie Propes, Jose Carman, Canon Crawford, Isabella Davidson, Cooper Davidson, London Blomstedt, Emery Dickes and Nathan Blomstedt.

Kindergarten thru First Grade Top Five: Jed Crawford, Rinlee Blomstedt, Kassadi Porter, Isaac Snyder and Kali Werkmeister.

Others participating included: Xander Galarneau, Easton Moser, Everett Moser, Paisley Marvier, Norah Smith, Isabella Weiser, Avery Davidson, Britton Blomstedt, Landon Dickes, Lily Spencer, Liam Spencer, Eli Skelton, Dylan Foley, Landon Curl, Mariah Geishler, Atia Giorgione, Natalie Weyneth, Isabel Bieker, Madelyn Matson and Adelyn Eiler.

Second thru Third Grade Top Five: Walker Wheeler, Kenadi Porter, Gracelyn Storrs, Braxton Eiler and Alani Neal.

Others participating included: Beckett Moser, John White, Hadley Smith, Joy Neuffer, Cole Davidson, Axel Blomstedt, Liam Skelton, Megan Geishler, Violet Stevens, Olivia Bieck and Warren Witt.

Fourth thru Fifth Top Five: Otto Matson, Jaylee Hammond, McKenzie Witt, Zaely Pace and Cali Crawford.

Others participating included: Tate Moser, Aubrey Neuffer, Lee Davidson, Jackson Blomstedt, Derrick Spencer, Aaron Spencer, and Makia Spencer.

Thanks to all the participants for coloring those beautiful pictures.

Get ready for celebrating “CHILDREN’S BOOK WEEK  APRIL 29-MAY 5.  Watch for details next week.


National Library Week Celebrates with Book Drawings

McCook Public Library celebrated National Library with various activities and a book drawing.

Winners of the adult book drawings were: Diane Purvis, Tosha Blomstedt, Wendy Hagemann, Afton Ralston, Peggy Niebuhr, Abigail Nielsen, Kristin Fulkerson, Staci Blomstedt, Linda Jesse and Jackie Grassia.

Winners in the children’s department were: Hannah Ralston, Hadley Smith, Mila Guana, Britton Blomstedt, Analia Almonza, Shaelyn Hagan, Raegan Kisker, Abigail Porter, Kennedy Fichtner, Paxton Pederson, Zander Ralston and Nora Smith.



Come Help Us Celebrate National Library Week

   National Library Week is being celebrated at the McCook City Library this week. We have several things going on. We are having a book drawing for young and old. Also today is National Caramel Corn today, so we are celebrating with a free sample. On Friday, we will enjoy licorice for National Licorice Day. We are asking you to fill out a heart and tell us “Why I Love My Library” to display on our bulletin board.

With Easter fast approaching, we are having a coloring contest. You just need to pick up a coloring page for your age and either color it here at the Library or take it home and bring it back. Pages need to be turned in by Wednesday, April 17. We will want to get prizes to you before Easter.

April is National Poetry Month and we encourage to you check out some poetry books. We have them on the adult and kid’s side. Poetry comes in all ways: serious, funny, sports, animals, dreams, people, occasions and places. You could even write a poem for us and we will display it and let others enjoy it. (you don’t have to put your name on it)

Our 1,000 books before Kindergarten group will have their annual celebration on Tuesday, April 30 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. to enjoy some stories, eat some goodies and find out who has been reading a lot.  Watch for your invitations is the mail. RSVP’s will be due by Friday, April 26. Can’t wait to see all the readers and we are planning on some very special readers to read to us.

Later this month we will be busy with different activities for Children’s Book Week (April 29-May 3). Monday will be come and get an egg to celebrate Mother Goose stories; Wednesday is “Make a May Basket ” from 3-4 p.m.; Thursday is Pirate stories and activities from 4-5 p.m. and Friday, come in and check out a book and receive a pirate surprise.  It would be a great time to get your children their Library Card (need to be 7 years of age).


Of course, we have already had the questions about Summer Reading. Registration will begin Wednesday, May 1.

Christmas and New Years Hours

Christmas Closing Hours

Saturday        Dec. 22     Closed

Sunday           Dec. 23     Closed

Monday         Dec. 24      Closed         Christmas Eve

Tuesday         Dec. 25      Closed         Christmas

Wednesday   Dec. 26      Open 11 am-8 pm

New Year’s Hours

Monday         Dec. 31      8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Tuesday         Jan. 1        Closed

Wednesday   Jan. 2     Regular Hours



     McCook City Library held its’ annual book drawing for Christmas. Winners received: books, activity pages, marshmellow shooter, and of course candy.

Winners in the 12 and Under group include: Haley Beideck, Jose Carman, Emory Malcom, Jaelyn Kuykendall, Lee Davidson, Layla Thieszen, Keaton Loop, Jacob Blomstedt, Sullivan Hancock, Alyssa Skeen, Everett Moser, Aunna Essex, Liam Bates, Eden Neuffer, Ellie Hays, Sam Siegfried, London Blomstedt, Marcus Ingels, Hazel Rotter, Luis Almanza, Abby Howard, Kennedy Fichtner, Caroline Haag and Atia Giorgione.

Winners in the 13 and Up group include: Jackie Grassia, Kaiden Porter, Karen Waddell, Ronda Wurm, Donna Stetler, Mary Ellingoon, Roxanne Hurt, Danae Bryant, Staci Blomstedt, Harper Stevens, Mindy Malcom, Andrea Stevens, Rebecca Drullinger, Leah Spencer, Amalia Almanza, Afton Ralston, Jason Ingels, Allie Stitt, Chelyn Marvier, Page Witt, Cristina Buano, Pam Wheelan, Liz Taylor and Karissa Crawford.

Congratulations to All and to All——- we can’t wait for the next drawing.



Monster Buckets were in the Library, waiting for a new home. The children had to complete a coloring page and an activity page to be entered in the drawing for a Monster Bucket.

Winners of Monster Buckets in the Preschool division: Nathan Blomstedt, Charlie Siegfried, Braddick White, Grace Haag, Ellisyn Marvier and London Blomstedt.

Monster winners in K-1st  Grade: Eli Johnson, Paisley Marvier, Britton Blomstedt, Rinlee Blomstedt, Naomi Michaelis and Dylan Foley.

Taking home Monsters in the 2nd-3rd Grade: Analia Almanza, Axel Blomstedt, Warren Witt, Violet Stevens, Emma McConville ad Alice Wiemer.

4th-5th Grade Monster Bucket honorees: Madison Alred, Zaely Pace, Jackson Blomstedt, Aubrey Neuffer, Camryn Yilk and Kyla Scollard.

All participants received a cup of treats for coloring and doing the activity. Congratulations to all!!!!!!