Easter Coloring Contest Draws a Crowd

The 2019 Easter Coloring Contest at the Library attracted a large group. The top five were picked in each division, all participants received a favor for entering.

Preschool: Top Five: Liz Wheeler, Niahlee Gauna, Grace Haag, Cyrus Galarneau and Emmeline Moser.

Others participating included: Caroline Haag, Everett Hanson, Braddock White, Ellisyn Mavier, Nicolette Gaster, Gage Kinkaid, Hazel Rotter, Acacia Frank, Lauryn Smith, Kaleb Blake, Paul Neuffer, Eden Neuffer, Isaac Weiser, Allisyn Nickerson, Alex Johnson, Augie Propes, Jose Carman, Canon Crawford, Isabella Davidson, Cooper Davidson, London Blomstedt, Emery Dickes and Nathan Blomstedt.

Kindergarten thru First Grade Top Five: Jed Crawford, Rinlee Blomstedt, Kassadi Porter, Isaac Snyder and Kali Werkmeister.

Others participating included: Xander Galarneau, Easton Moser, Everett Moser, Paisley Marvier, Norah Smith, Isabella Weiser, Avery Davidson, Britton Blomstedt, Landon Dickes, Lily Spencer, Liam Spencer, Eli Skelton, Dylan Foley, Landon Curl, Mariah Geishler, Atia Giorgione, Natalie Weyneth, Isabel Bieker, Madelyn Matson and Adelyn Eiler.

Second thru Third Grade Top Five: Walker Wheeler, Kenadi Porter, Gracelyn Storrs, Braxton Eiler and Alani Neal.

Others participating included: Beckett Moser, John White, Hadley Smith, Joy Neuffer, Cole Davidson, Axel Blomstedt, Liam Skelton, Megan Geishler, Violet Stevens, Olivia Bieck and Warren Witt.

Fourth thru Fifth Top Five: Otto Matson, Jaylee Hammond, McKenzie Witt, Zaely Pace and Cali Crawford.

Others participating included: Tate Moser, Aubrey Neuffer, Lee Davidson, Jackson Blomstedt, Derrick Spencer, Aaron Spencer, and Makia Spencer.

Thanks to all the participants for coloring those beautiful pictures.

Get ready for celebrating “CHILDREN’S BOOK WEEK¬† APRIL 29-MAY 5.¬† Watch for details next week.


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