Stockings Have Found New Homes

The stocking drawing has been held and the following will choose a stocking full of surprises and a book to enjoy over the holidays. Adult winners include: Calvin Baker, Paulette Burkhardt, Tracy Crocker, Bryce Dutton, KC Eckhardt, Jackie Grassia, Nancy Gumb, Maycee Hicks, Jim Sutton, Trinity Sorenson, Katy Snyder, Florene Burton, Linda Hall and Vickie Wacker. Younger winners are: Jachin Scollard, Natalie Weyeneth, Isaac Weiser, Emma Graff, Meghan Georgioni, Jacob Harms, Clare Weber, Isaac Snyder, Aleigh Randel, Adyn Meyer, Jed Crawford, Gunner Kaps, Kaela Hinze, Kensington Schoeneman, Pavyn Terry, Jaqi Burns, Blake Willis and Eli Ingels.

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