National Library Week Book Drawings

National Library Week was celebrated the first week in April.  Book drawing winners in the adult category included: Roxanne, Hurt, Kristy Smith-Kreiling, Meghan Giorgione, Lindsay Dame, Lucille Wolvin, Heather Bieker, Gay Schoott, Josiah Weyeneth, Chase Trosper and Marilyn Anderjaska.

Winners in the youth category included: London Blomstedt, Spencer Schliep, Addison Schliep, Reagan Schilling, Isabelle Clause, Kasen Yilk, Zander Ralston, Kaela Hinz, Nolan Yilk and Mark Wolfe.

Also during April we celebrated Poetry Month with guests poets reciting their poems. Ginny Odenbach from McCook (our Favorite) and  C. F. Kelly. Lindi Johnson from the McCook High School also made an appearance.

Coloring Contests were held in different age groups relating to poetry.

Ages 3-5

1st-Kennedy Fichtner; 2nd-Jordan Pollman; 3rd-Rinlee Blomstedt; other participants were: Gabriel Ulloa, Kasen Yilk, Britton Blomstedt and Natalie Weyeneth.

Ages 6-8

1st-Zaely Pace: 2nd-Alice Weimer; 3rd-Nolan Yilk: other participants were: Clare Weber, Josilin Miller, Maria Ulloa, Violet Stevens and Axel Blomstedt.

Ages 9-12

1st-Jackson Blomstedt; 2nd-MacKenzie Witt; 3rd-Lucy Weber; other participants were: Emma Graff, Paige Witt, Camryn Yilk, Bailee Foster, Kapri Loop, Adyn Meyer, Addison Schliep, Alyssa Skeen, Sueanne Miner and Esperanza Bueno.



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