Package Winners for the Holidays

Winners of the Holiday Packages were: Cole Davidson, Jackie Grassia, Peggy McDonald, Leah Christensen, Alicia Witt, Rachel Hidy, Harlow Daffer, Donna Stetler, Tucker Gillespie, Ronda Wurm and Cheryl Christner.

also winning were: Pavyn Terry, Atia Giorgioni, Matthew Fulkerson, Jacob Harms, Isabelle Weiser, Eli Graff, Alice Weimer, Celia Koebel, Acacia Frank, Riley O’ Brien, Colton Foster, Zander Ralston, Annalee Smith, Otto Matson, Kennedy Fichtner, and Everett Hanson.

Finishing up on the drawings were: Aaron Frank, Reece Gillespie, Zeah Pace, Megan Miller and Collin Crocker.

Congratulations and get ready for the next drawing……..



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