Patron Code of Conduct



The staff and board of Kilgore Memorial Library strive to provide services and an enjoyable atmosphere that meet the needs of the community we serve.  To accomplish this goal, the following regulations outline what is expected to all regardless of age, race, nationality, educational background, physical condition or other factors.


The Library Advisory Board approved these guidelines in an effort to set a standard of acceptable behavior conducive to appropriate public library use. This list is not exhaustive.  Inappropriate behavior not specifically identified in this policy may be identified on a case by case basis.

  • Library users shall respect the rights of staff and other patrons and shall not behave in any manner that disturbs others. Patrons shall not interfere with the right of others to use the library or with the employees’ performance of duties. Examples of prohibited behavior include but are not limited to: noisy or boisterous activities, profane or offensive language, bullying or harassing another person, making threats of any kind, intentional mistreatment of library materials, and/or destroying property.
  • Do not deface, damage, or destroy library materials or property.
  • Speaking should be kept to normal conversational levels.
  • Use headphones with audio/video devices. 
  • Extended cell phone conversation is limited to the south lobby area.
  • Weapons of any type are not allowed on library premises, this ban includes permitted concealed handguns, in accordance with Nebraska Revised State Statutes 69-2441.
  • No smoking of any kind.  In or on the library premises.
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs or related paraphernalia are not permitted on the library premises.  Patrons showing signs of inebriation or substance abuse will be asked to leave the premises. 
  • In order to maintain a clean environment and to protect library materials, only light snacks and covered drinks are allowed in the library.  Groups using the meeting rooms are required to follow meeting room guidelines.
  • Patrons must be fully clothed, including shoes, in the library.
  • Pets are prohibited; service animals are welcome.  (Pursuant to Federal and State ADA guidelines)
  • Persons whose bodily hygiene or odor is so offensive as to constitute a nuisance to other patrons or library staff will be asked to leave the building.
  • Compliance with the Public Internet and Computer Acceptable Use Policy is mandatory.
  • Sport’s equipment, including skateboards and other devices with wheels are not permitted inside the library.
  • Any person not complying with these rules or with local or state law shall be asked to leave the library premises and may receive a temporary or permanent ban from future library use.


KML staff shall have the responsibility for enforcing this policy.  Procedures for handling disruptive behavior and other prohibited conduct have been established, including calling local law enforcement when necessary.  Failure to comply with this code of conduct may result in expulsion and/or barring from KML facilities or other action deemed appropriate by KML’s director.  Anyone wishing to appeal their expulsion or barring may submit an appeal form to library administration.

Patrons temporarily or permanently banned from the library may appeal this decision by contacting the Library Director at least one week before the next regular meeting of the Kilgore Memorial Library Advisory Board. The patron making the appeal may attend the Library Board meeting when the matter is on the agenda.