NEW Reader Zone Features!!

The Additional Questions feature allows you to gather more data from your readers.
You can ask up to five questions for your readers to answer anytime they’re participating with a Reading Group. The questions are:
1.  What is your date of birth?
2.  What is your library card number?
3.  What school do you attend, or will attend next year?
4. Which grade level did you last complete?
5.  What is your complete address and phone number?

This video shows how the function works and how it looks for your readers.

Some tips to help make Additional Questions work for you:
1. Readers who are already participating in a reading group will be prompted to answer the questions the next time they make a reading entry.
2. You can edit which questions are asked anytime.
3. The information you gather from readers stays with their reader record, regardless of the reading group(s) a reader participates with.
4. The data you collected is available in the CSV reporting function.
5.  You can ask any blend of the 5 questions above, or none of them.
6.  Questions are handled at the Reading Group level only.

In addition to the new Additional Questions function, we have released the following:

1.  An enhanced experience for readers who use a desktop computer to participate in reading programs.
2.  Bug fixes and enhanced CSV reporting functions.

We are preparing a host of other refinements and bug fixes that will be applied to the system within the next two weeks.  It’s exciting to see the system improve and address the needs of our users.

As always, please call or email anytime with questions and comments.  We love to hear from you!

Jake Ball
Founder, Reader Zone

This project is supported in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by the Nebraska Library Commission.

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