December Social Media Programs

October is gone and November has started. That means, in this year of 2020, it is time to prepare some activities for December which may involve your patrons through social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. Here are seven program ideas that can be done either in-person or virtually during the last month of the year.

Read a New Book Month

There are so many to choose from! Encourage your patrons to take a risk and read something outside their comfort zone. Choose titles randomly and include one in each checkout or curbside pickup this month (with patron approval, of course). This will improve circulation numbers, too!

Wear Brown Shoes Day (December 4)

Invite your patrons to wear brown shoes today and then encourage them to post pictures or videos to your social media websites with your library-specific hashtag. Create a fashion show with the pictures.

Mitten Tree Day (December 6)

Select a picture book with the theme of mittens to read aloud online for your early December story time. Offer your patrons the opportunity to help the community by “warming hearts and hands.” Ask them to put a new pair of mittens (child- or adult-sized) in your book drop to add to your Mitten Tree. Take pictures of each pair as they come in and post them on your social media. Also take and post weekly pictures of your Mitten Tree. Click here for some in-person mitten activities. Near the end of the month, donate all the mittens to a local shelter or church.

Gingerbread House Day (December 12)

Nothing brings in the holidays like the smell of fresh baked gingerbread. Encourage your patrons to bake (or build) a gingerbread house any way they can. Have them post pictures with these special hashtags for the day: #GingerbreadHouse #NationalGingerbreadHouseDay #BakedGoods

Bake Cookies Day (December 18)

Many family traditions involve preparing and sharing foods. Invite patrons to share the cookies that are part of their families’ holiday traditions by posting pictures of the recipes and baked goods to their social media accounts with your library-specific hashtag. They could let you post the (non-secret) recipes to your Facebook page, too.

National Hard Candy Day (December 19)

December 19 is all about the hard stuff as we celebrate National Hard Candy Day. Hard candy has long been a preferred sweet snack by many societies. Banks have done this forever and not only during December. On this day, maybe your library can give out a piece of hard candy to each patron you serve.

Blizzard of Snowflakes (December 28-31)

Send out a request for your teen, young adult, and adult patrons to help you redecorate the library’s windows after the holiday season. Send home printable snowflake templates for them to fold and cut into charming paper snowflakes. When they are returned, hang the snowflakes in the library and post pictures to your social media to encourage more returns until you have a beautiful blizzard.

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