Cutting Machines

These handy machines cut out letters and shapes from paper, felt, cloth, thin cardboard, magnetic sheets, and foam. CPLS has two Traveling Sets and one Office Set. Traveling Set A has the Ellison Prestige Space Saver machine plus 140 shapes and a 2″ alphabet which includes numbers as well as upper- and lower-case letters. Traveling Set B has the big Mark IV AccuCut machine plus 18 Extra Large dies, 80 shapes and a 4″ alphabet which includes numbers, special characters, and upper- and lower-case letters. System members may borrow the desired machine and dies for a month at a time.  You may borrow the dies in Set A or Set B without the machine. The Office Set will not travel as a whole. We will mail you individual dies or cut your requested shapes out of construction paper and mail them to you free of charge.

Call the CPLS office to reserve a machine and/or a set of dies for your library.

Traveling Set A Die List (Prestige Space Saver)

Traveling Set B Die List (Mark IV Accu-Cut Machine)

2018 Summer Reading Program Music Dies

Office Die List (Original Letter Machine)


Date Traveling Set A Traveling Set B SRP Music Dies
June 2018 Dundy County Library Sargent Public School Dundy County Library
July Gothenburg Public Library (Dies Only)
August Gothenburg Public Library (Dies Only) Lexington Public Library (Dies Only) Lexington Public Library
September Lexington Public Library (Dies Only) Silver Lake Schools + 4″ Block Letters
October Silver Lake Schools Wilson Public Library, Cozad
November Keya Paha County Library