Polar Bear Story Time!

We had eight friends join us for story time this morning. We read “Bear Needs Help” by Sarah S. Brannen and “Panda & Polar Bear” by Matthew J. Baek. We also painted our own polar bear faces using pom poms and clothespins. This is great for preschoolers pincer grasping skills.

Frownie Face!
Cheesy Face!
We just let the kids go with washable paint and their “paintbrushes”. I think it’s important for them to create their own polar bears.
Tabitha didn’t give us a smile this week but she did a great job painting!
Olivia’s bear is so cute!
Such a great book! Very simple and held their attention well.
We also read “Panda & Polar Bear” which is a great read. We talked about the colors, what they eat, and where they live.