Library Needs Survey


Please take the time to fill out our Community Needs Survey either by printing this one off or picking up a paper copy at the post office or library and returning it to the library drop box.

1)  How often do you use the library per month:  3-4 times per month            1-2 times per month         Less than once a month

2)  Do you find that the library services and programs meet your needs?  Yes               No                 Comment:

3)  Have you ever attended any of the computer classes previously offered at the library?            Yes              No

4)  Are there any classes/programs you would like to see offered by the library?               Yes             No Comments:

5)  Do you feel the library has a good selection of materials  (books/movies)?                    Yes       No


6)  Any further concerns/comments/requests:

7)  If you have a preschool age child, have you ever attended Story Hour?             Yes                   No           N/A

If no, what might influence your decision to attend in the future?

8) Do the library hours allow you to utilize the library?                Yes                         No

9)  Have you ever used the Overdrive system for e-book/audio book digital checkout?   Yes           No                I have never heard of this

10)  Would you be interested in…

A–Adopt a Grandparent Reading Mentoring for Summer Reading Program

B–Evening of Crafts

C–History Share:  Regarding specific days/events in history–where were you when…

D–Hobby Share:  Teaching/Encouraging others with your expertise


11)  What age  group do you belong to?    Younger than 13       Teenager          Adult


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