Library Hours


Effective August 14th 2014

Sunday and Monday : CLOSED

Tuesday : 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm

Wednesday : 2pm-8pm

Thursday 9-1pm and 2-6pm

Friday 2-6pm

Saturday : 2pm-5pm



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  7 Responses to “Library Hours”

  1. What are your summer 2014 hours going to be? I want to come out and look through old Sherman Co. Times for genealogy purposes.

  2. When is story hour

  3. Trying to reach someone about the Celtic guitarist but the number in the Sherman Co. Times does not respond. Left a few messages this week.
    How long is the performance and to give them a heads up that a little group of 10 plans to attend from out of town.
    Any suggestions for supper in the area?

    • So sorry. I haven’t received any messages. The performance is about 1 hour long. All group sizes are welcome. The Loup City Diner is open all day until 7 PM. After 5 PM, The Colony Club Bar and Grill, TDs Bar, and the Bowling Alley are open for food.
      I hope to see you at the concert! There will be some light refreshments available there.
      Audrey Heil

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