May 102022
Charity is nonverbal and can’t control her body but she wants so much to communicate with those around her. A wonderful look at the power of advocacy, love, and grit. An inspirational story of a young lady who found her voice.
St James writes the best atmospheric thrillers. She owes me so many hours of lost sleep because I just can’t put her books down.
Magic, culture, friendship, and tribulations. Nadia accidentally calls upon a teacher who has been trapped in her Egyptian hippo necklace for thousands of years. In this imaginative tale, Nadia learns how to be a better friend and how to stand up to prejudice expressed by a new classmate. A quick, fun read.
A lovely and humorous look at what Fathers will do for their daughters….

Feb 152022
This young adult books covers toxic relationships and dating violence but also demonstrates the importance of music and literature in providing escape from the troubles of teen life.
A young scientist has to find a balance between her profession and her religion in her quest to discover why some people are more prone to addiction than others. This is a slow, thoughtful look at depression, addiction, and the impact they make on families.
The battle between vampires and werewolves is fought out again in this story but with a much deeper context. It has great pacing and the illustrations are fabulous.
Simply adorable. The kids have loved this story of a young girl with a flare for theatre. It is always lovely to see supportive parents represented in children’s books.
Feb 012022
We use music as a soundtrack to the best and worst times in our lives. You may remember the song you and your classmates loved to sing to during your Senior year. For some people, music provides the only sustenance available to get them through hard times. These are two memoirs of people who used music to pull them through the tragedies of war…one a young girl from the Kindertransport during WWII and another a young man who would wheel his piano out in the rubble of Syria to provide music to a starving population. These will be hitting the shelves soon!
Jan 202022
Whether you are looking for books to beat the Winter blahs or have signed up for a dizzying array of book challenges: this book has a great plot with lots of action and a decent amount of character growth. It is the second in the Peter Ash series but you can start here if you so choose.
This was a fun cozy mystery set in a small town bookstore. Every small town has its secrets, rivalries, and past. There is a bit of sweet romance too.
A contemporary, more open-door romance for the booklover with hermit tendencies…
The first book of Riordan’s I have ever read. Don’t judge me. I don’t need to recommend these as they fly off the shelf. His latest gives a respectful and loving nod to the novels of Jules Verne in this undersea adventure of teen protagonist’s trying to save the world! It was so fun!
This has been requested so many times by my Preschool friends that I just bought them their own copy. It is funny and has great illustrations.
This graphic novel is beloved by our Teen patrons and for good reason. It has a great sense of atmosphere and adventure with a light touch of romance.
Dec 072021
Two dystopian books about memory. One set in contemporary times and the other shortly after the time of King Arthur. Both have very interesting things to say about the effect of disordered memories on civilization.
Nov 092021
A contemporary, “meta” mystery with Anthony Horowitz as one of the characters. Reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie.
A classic tale of family, secrets, and intergenerational trauma. Sound boring? You haven’t read Morrison! You will feel the pain, sorrow, happiness, and love.
Korman’s new book focusing on a group of “good” students when something hateful happens. Who did it and why? You will be surprised.