Sep 232020

A young fantasy reader was in yesterday morning and we were discussing and recommending books to each other when I pointed out a very good young adult fantasy series and said it was so good I had read the whole series. (I notoriously read the first book in a series and then don’t continue). She looked at me and said in a voice of awe “You actually finished something!” I told her I do finish a lot of things, just not series! I decided to show her that I haven’t actually started and not finished THAT many series; however, I think I proved her point for her….. What is your bookish guilt?

Jul 232020
Moses the Cat suffers separation anxiety after he is parted from his ailing friend, Lady Irene. Travel with Moses on his quest to get back to Irene with the help of other community members including a Superhero! A great book by a Nebraska Author.
Jul 162020

Drugs, crime, poverty…the people who live in the Cause are ground down daily by their circumstances. However, they love and look out for each other. They understand the sorrows of their neighbors and community. This was a story at turns, sad, humorous and hopeful. Loved it.