Audrey Heil

Sep 232022
The kids will love this story of chickens who begin to communicate by scratching notes in the dirt. If you have ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a chicken, here’s your chance! Great fun!
Just when I thought it was safe…the story caught me off guard. It was a lovely nod to family and belonging. A 5 Star read!

Oh, so good. The characters were great and the emotions felt on key. The descriptions of the food…..sigh.

Sparkling repartee, sincere sisterly love, and books, books, books. Grief and love are beautifully described. Complicated characters who refuse to be the villains demonstrate what real love and acceptance look like.

Set in the 1960s, this epistolary novel chronicles a truly wonderful friendship between women of different generations. It was a lovely story with fabulous characters. The author carefully dropped in historical events and reactions which would have been true to the time. The food descriptions are divine. Prepare to be hungry.

The murderbot version of Number 5! Fun, smart, and short. The characters were unique. The pacing was fantastic and the humor perfect.
May 102022
Charity is nonverbal and can’t control her body but she wants so much to communicate with those around her. A wonderful look at the power of advocacy, love, and grit. An inspirational story of a young lady who found her voice.
St James writes the best atmospheric thrillers. She owes me so many hours of lost sleep because I just can’t put her books down.
Magic, culture, friendship, and tribulations. Nadia accidentally calls upon a teacher who has been trapped in her Egyptian hippo necklace for thousands of years. In this imaginative tale, Nadia learns how to be a better friend and how to stand up to prejudice expressed by a new classmate. A quick, fun read.
A lovely and humorous look at what Fathers will do for their daughters….