Library Board Meeting minutes


November 14, 2018 

Loup City Library Board Meeting 


Those present included: Karen Anderson, Yvonne Griffin, Marjorie Petersen, Jerome Lobner, Cathy Placzek, and Audrey Heil.  

Minutes from the October board meeting were reviewed and accepted as written following a motion by Yvonne Griffin which was seconded by Karen Anderson. Motion passed. 

Bills in the amount of $2,286.14 were presented. Cathy Placzek made a motion to pay the bills. Yvonne Griffin seconded the motion. Motion passed. 

Old Business:  

The Loup City Library Board has met all of the continuing education requirements for Accreditation and a new certificate has been received. 

International Board Games Day:  We are taking part in a week of games after school each day.  Battleship, UNO, and Scattergories will be available. 

Senior/Preschool Reading Event:  Librarian spoke 11/9/18 at the Senior Center regarding a possible Senior/Preschool reading event hosted at the library. Those interested in volunteering were encouraged to do so.   

Senior book drop:  Librarian spoke on 11/9/18 to Seniors regarding possibility of using Senior Center as a distribution site for books checked out from the library.  

New Business:  

Hour of Code: During the week of December 3-9, we will encourage students and community members to participate in the Hour of Code. 

3D Printer/Universal Laser System—LCPS Superintendent Angela Simpson reports electricians will be checking out the back room to see what changes need to be made prior to placing 3D printer and Universal Laser System. 

Computer Classes–11/15/18 Meeting regarding basic computer/work related computer classes:  resumes, email, simple searches, etc.  

Meeting adjourned at 5:03 PM following a motion by Yvonne Griffin which was seconded by Marjorie Petersen. 

Next Meeting is 12/12/18 

Thank you.