Library Board Meeting minutes


Loup City Public Library Board Meeting 

September 16, 2020 

Board members present included: Karen Anderson, Yvonne Griffin, Brittany Panowicz, Amy Kowalski, and Lisa Harrington. 

Minutes from the August meeting were reviewed and accepted as read following a motion by Yvonne Griffin which was seconded by Brittany Panowicz. Motion passed.  

Bills in the amount of $2500.46 were presented. A motion to pay the bills was made by Yvonne Griffin and seconded by Amy Kowalski. Motion passed. 

Old Business: 

Chamber dues were paid and a representative from the Library Board will be able to attend meetings. 

Senior Center: At this time the Senior Center Director, Denise Holcomb, is not interested in a little lending library. She would like to revisit this idea at a later date. 

New Business: 

Teen podcast: Teens were emailed and spoken to in person to see if they wish to continue the podcast. They indicated they would like to continue the podcast and would try to get in soon. Younger teens have been asked about interest also as the teens currently involved are Sophomores. 

Heat Press: A heat press would be a wonderful addition to the makerspace. It was quite popular when we hosted the Innovation Studio. Contacts at the Nebraska Library Commission and a library hosting a makerspace have been asked regarding equipment needs and costs. The Superintendent has been asked if we could put the equipment in the same room as the Universal Laser System. A motion was made by Amy Kowalski and seconded by Lisa Harrington to make further inquiries into the feasibility of adding this equipment to our “Makerspace”.  

Business Brochure: Amy Kowalski will call Jennifer Smydra at the Chamber of Commerce to see if the Library information can be added to a new local business brochure. 

Meeting was adjourned at 5:09 PM following a motion by Brittany Panowicz which was seconded by Yvonne Griffin. 

Thank you.