Library Board Meeting minutes


The Loup City Library Board meeting was held on 9/15/2021 at 4:30 PM at the Loup City Library 

Those present included: Karen Anderson, Yvonne Griffin, Judy McFadden, Amy Kowalski, and Audrey Heil. 

Minutes from the August board meeting were reviewed and accepted as read following a motion by Amy Kowalski which was seconded by Yvonne Griffin. Motion passed. 

Bills in the amount of $3,115.22 were presented. A motion to pay the bills was made by Yvonne Griffin and seconded by Amy Kowalski. Motion passed. 

Old Business:  

Card-making/Letter writing class: Yvonne Griffin has offered to share her talents in a library program on card-making. As many children who may be interested attend the After School Program, Audrey Heil will check with Holly Myers regarding whether it would be possible to have the program there. 

End of Summer Reading: Preschoolers received their treats this week and Audrey spoke with Superintendent Tickle who said it would be ok to deliver treats to kids during lunch.  

New Business:  

Back to School: We have had no new programs yet since school has been in session. 

Brittany Panowicz resigned her seat on the Board. We appreciate the time she spent on the Board and the talents she shared. Judy McFadden has graciously offered to take the open position.  

Meeting was adjourned at 4:58 PM following a motion by Yvonne Griffin which was seconded by Judy McFadden. 

Thank you,  

Audrey Heil