Library Board Meeting minutes


January 15, 2020, 4:30 PM

Loup City Public Library Board Meeting 


Those present included: Karen Anderson, Brittany Panowicz, Lisa Harrington, Amy Kowalski, and Audrey Heil.  

Minutes from the December meeting were read and approved following a motion by Brittany Panowicz which was seconded by Lisa Harrington. 

Bills in the amount of $2,383.48 were presented. Amy Kowalski made a motion to pay the bills. Brittany Panowicz seconded the motion. Motion passed. 

Old Business:  

The library survey is completed and has been submitted. 

Unfortunately, we were not selected for the Library Improvement Grant and will need to look at other options should we decide to digitize our papers.  

New Business:  

We had 23 preschoolers participate in the Reading day at the library yesterday. As a class, the preschoolers have reached 100 books.  

Summer Reading supplies have been ordered from CSLP.  

March 21, 2020—Jerry Barlow, Celtic Guitarist will be at Loup City. Ms. Simpson said we can use the Commons Area. 

May 22, 2020—We have tentatively engaged Tosca Lee, Nebraska Author for a signing event. 

Humanities Nebraska programming:  We will check with the Historical Society to see if they are interested in co-hosting an event. 

Meeting adjourned at 4: 55 PM following a motion by Lisa Harrington which was seconded by Brittany Panowicz. 

Thank you.