Library Board Meeting minutes


September 11, 2019 

Meeting called to order at 4:30 PM 

Those present included: Karen Anderson, Amy Kowalski, Brittany Panowicz, and Cathy Placzek, and Audrey Heil. 

Minutes from the August meeting were reviewed. A motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Amy Kowalski and seconded by Brittany Panowicz. Motion carried. 

Bills in the amount of $2,133.78 were presented. Cathy Placzek made a motion to pay the bills. Motion was seconded by Amy Kowalski. Motion passed. 

Old Business:  

Universal Laser Scanner: Yvonne Griffin talked to Denise at the Senior Center about encouraging the Seniors to use the Laser for personal, gift, or fundraising projects. Yvonne planned to talk to the Seniors at a later date. Brittany, Karen, and Amy plan to meet on Tuesday to make items to hand out on Wednesday night of Parent/Teacher’s conference. 

Back to school: Summer Reading Certificates and prizes will be handed out Wednesday, Sept. 18th as this week students had testing 

Volunteering on the Border: Vivian Damratowski’s talk about her time volunteering in El Paso went well with 27 people in attendance. 

New Business:  

Microfilm machine:  The microfilm machine is in need of repair or replacement. Options were discussed. Matter was tabled for a Special meeting on Tuesday, Sept 17 at 6 PM.  Information will be sent to the Sherman County Times and the Historical Society to see if they would like to come discuss options available/their preferences. A motion to split service fee of $500-600 with the Historical Society and Sherman County Times 50/50 was put forth but was tabled until special meeting. A possible partnership to work on making the newspaper archives available in a digital format was also discussed. 

Magician program and Cowgirl Peg:  Information was sent to the Mr. Reikofski regarding these programs and the libraries willingness to assist with programs if the school is interested in hosting.  

Meeting adjourned at 5:23 PM following a motion by Amy Kowalski. 

Thank you.