Library Board Meeting minutes


Loup City Library Board Meeting 4:30 PM 11/15/2017 

Those present included:  Cathy Placzek, Jerome Lobner, Margie Petersen, and Audrey Heil. 

Minutes from the October board meeting were reviewed. No corrections were made.  A motion to approve the minutes was made by Cathy Placzek and seconded by Margie Petersen. Motion carried.  

Bills in the amount of $2,694.01 were presented.  A motion to pay the bills was made by Margie Petersen and seconded by Cathy Placzek.  Motion carried.  

Old Business:  

Library Innovation Studio Training in Lincoln (Makerspace):  Kirk Stieb, Karen Anderson, Jennifer Smydra, Cheri Kowalski, and Audrey Heil attended the two-day training.  Installment of the Library Innovation Studio equipment was expected for the week of December 4th; however, an e-mail from the Nebraska Library Commission indicates it may be postponed for a week or two.  Awaiting conference call at the end of the week regarding installation plans. Open House will be postponed until after new installation date. Per Library Board instructions, supplies for Open House Door prizes will be purchased and as soon as possible a schedule for classes will be circulated. Local trainers have attended meetings of the City Council, Chamber of Commerce, and Loup City School Board to promote use of the Studio.  More training will be available at the time of installation. 

Halloween Party: Thirteen kids attended the Library Halloween Party.  Games, treats, and a movie were provided. 

New Business: 

Library board gave approval for Mrs. Francisco to utilize the three laptops at the After-School Robotics Program. 

A new policy and liability waiver were reviewed regarding Library Innovation Studio usage.  Margie Petersen made a motion to accept the policy and waiver as written. Cathy Placzek seconded the motion. Motion carried. 

The Board reviewed a new policy regarding Continuing Education.  Cathy Placzek made a motion to accept the policy as it was written with the exception of retitling the policy as Professional Development.  Motion was seconded by Margie Petersen.  Motion carried.  

Hour of Code: The week of December 4th is Hour of Code week.  Kids are welcome to utilize computers to participate in the international Hour of Code. After providing the librarian with a printed completion certificate, they will receive a treat. 

Winter Celebration: December celebration will be planned with treats and activities. Date pending. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:55 PM following a motion by Cathy Placzek which was seconded by Margie Petersen.  Motion carried.  

Thank you.