Oct 102019

As we move farther into “cold weather” territory, it is important to stock up on the things that will get us through until Spring:  hot chocolate, blankets, fuzzy socks, and BOOKS!  Here are a few recommendations to help with those stacks.

The Round House: A Novel


     A chilling look at the disintegration of a family following a horribly brutal act against the Mother. Erdrich incorporates Native American folklore in the middle of the book to pull the “before” and “after” together and this worked up to a point. The characters, plot, and writing are very good and pull the reader in to this sad story.

Not If I Save You First


      Two high-profile teens learn to work together as they battle the Alaskan wilderness and Russian assassins. Great adventure, humor, friendship, and teamwork.  This was a smart survival read.


A beautifully written novel packed with imagination, wit, friendship, and hope. I plan to recommend this to everyone.  It is the perfect size for a classroom read-aloud.

Ella McKeen, Kickball Queen

It is hard to find out you aren’t the only one with a certain talent. When a new girl moves in, Ella finds out her “kickball bombs” aren’t unstoppable any more. As she learns to deal with her feelings, she also learns how to be a good teammate and friend.




Oct 042019

It is cold. It is rainy. This morning someone had the audacity to mention snow……  It is time to get serious about reading. Because really. Nature is to be avoided when it is cold outside.

A Better Man: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel 

No one does mystery with a heavy dose of beautiful writing like Louise Penny. This wasn’t one of her strongest as I actually guessed the ending about 3/4 of the way through; however, I was still there for the melancholy atmosphere and the family ties. This is the fifteenth in the series and it is still going strong!

The Last Word

As a historical novel, this will stand proudly by most of the adult versions of today. It was refreshing to see an intelligent young woman struggling against the strictures of her time without a completely dark, bleak atmosphere. Also, the relationship between the couple was more of a true romance built first on respect and friendship instead of just biology.

Survivor Girl

An adventure with strong, young protagonists who learn families don’t have to be perfect to be ok but things do need to be real. Excellent story.

Franklin's Flying Bookshop

A dragon, a bookshop, and true friendship. What else could you possibly need?  Beautiful illustrations?  Check. Great story? Check. It is sure to please.

If I Don't Make It, I Love You: Survivors in the Aftermath of School Shootings 

The survivors are from different regions and different backgrounds. Ages varied at the time of the violent acts. Some of them watched family and friends die. Others heard the shots and lived through the harrowing moments without ever actually laying eyes on the shooter. Each of them dealt with the aftermath in their own way. Some learned to forgive. Others not. Some became activists in gun control and/or school safety. This is definitely not an easy read but it does feel like a necessary one. My only quibble with this book are the editing mishaps scattered throughout which distract the reader from the essays.


Oct 012019

The cool weather is moving in! Is it really time to put away those summer reads in favor of some spooky, gothic tales?

The Good Ones (Happily Ever After Book 1)

This is a fun-loving, sweet, touching ode to romance and romance novels.  There’s always room on the reading roster for romance.



I have mixed feelings about this book although some of those feelings extend to most of the young adult genre. I loved the complex characters and the exemplary writing. The cliffhanger left me ambivalent and the jury is also still out on the bait-and-switch.


3.5 stars. Set in the immediate post-Vietnam era, an orphaned young girl struggling to deal with her grief is sent to live with her Grandfather in Bigfoot country. Grief, abandonment, bullying, and PTSD are all a major part of this story that still manages to be sweet, gentle, and humorous.

Hats Are Not for Cats!

Hey! If it must get cooler than hats should be shared equally in the animal kingdom.  Besides, cats look regal in EVERYTHING.  A fun book containing pictures of lots of cats, hats, and the realization that the greatest things should be shared by everyone.


My Own True Name: New and Selected Poems for Young Adults, 1984-1999 (Pinata Books for Young Adults)

Poetry is hot right now and this one contains some gems!  Many of the most atmospheric of the poems are set in the desert.


Oh, alright!  If it must get cooler, I will join the hordes of readers selecting gothic reads. One story, two monsters. A story of arrogance, stupidity, self-involvement and betrayal. That covers the scientist portion of the story. Loneliness and brutality are ascribed to both monsters.

Oct 012019

On September 24, CNCAP Leap Into Learning Preschool visited the library for a Share the Love event. Twelve adults read to 25 kids. Each kid listened to 6-7 books apiece to assist them in reaching their 1000 Books Before Kindergarten goals!