Sep 112013

Another successful summer reading program is in the books. This year over 700 books were read and over 1550 points were earned by our busy readers! The top ten children reading the highest number of books, and the top ten children earning the most AR points (points earned from taking a computer test on the book read) received extra prizes and chamber bucks.

“Our goal was to encourage reading throughout the summer months” said Jennifer Fowler, Loup City’s public librarian. “We’ve been busy this summer, attendance was excellent. Hopefully, the teachers notice the difference in the children that participated in the program.”

Our top reader for the number of books read goes to Christina Boncyznski, who read 52 books! Following close behind reading 50 books is Danica Heil. Aidan Glidden received third place with 46 books read. Jeslyn Dvorak, Delanie Heil, Courtney Goc, Kennidy Murphy, Jessica Stieb, Bailey Kuehl, and Eva Jaixen received recognition as well for rounding out our top ten.

Our top reader for the number of AR points earned goes to Courtney Goc who had 340.7 pts! Second place goes to Taylor Ference (203.2pts), and third place to Christina Bonczynski (115.5pts). Emily Morrow, Gretchen Hodge, Bailey Kuehl, Tianna Nelson, Trey Vogler, Delanie Heil, and Sydney Wardyn also all received recognition for placing in the top ten.

Thanks, as always, to all the parents, caregivers, and kids who signed up, read, and participated in this summer’s program!
Thank you to the following supporters, the Loup City Subway and St.Paul Pizza Hut, for offering prizes to the highest achievers.

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