Nov 122020
This book has lots of action and violence (as you would expect from a book about an enforcer). Wierdly, I only believed in the authenticity of the protagonist about 50% of the time. When Virgil is musing over his family and home, it feels very real. However, when he is referring to his job as an enforcer, he sometimes seems more like a caricature.
What is it like to be a teenage immigrant to the United States? Leaving behind your friends and all that you know to move to a country with different customs and a different language. This graphic novel does a great job of showing the difficulties and joys of making a new home.


This was masterfully written and formatted. The first short nine chapters are written in prose. Following a critical event, the story is told in verse with imaginative formatting. This is a story of hard times but with an inspiring and hopeful arc.

A gorgeous picture book starring Patience and Fortitude, the lions of New York City Library. A beautiful story of books and friendship.