Nov 082023

Alicia Toczek sent this note back with the book “Women in Space” which she had donated: “In 1984, we honored women and I spent the day with Bonnie Dunbar as her hostess when she spoke in Denver. We were to have Sally Ride but she went up in space so NASA sent Bonnie. It was a wonderful experience.”

This would be a great book to read for #nonfictionnovember

Nov 082023

Books are wonderful. They may introduce you to a time and a subject completely new to you or they may bring back special memories. Delores Robinson sent a note back with a wonderful WWII story: “I was born in December 1938. Don’t remember the war but I do remember a big bonfire and dancing in the street at O’Neill when it was over.”

Mrs. Chilewski read the note and said she remembered the trains in Sacramento being full of soldiers and equipment and how they would stop occasionally to let soldiers off at the end of the war.

May 102022
Charity is nonverbal and can’t control her body but she wants so much to communicate with those around her. A wonderful look at the power of advocacy, love, and grit. An inspirational story of a young lady who found her voice.
St James writes the best atmospheric thrillers. She owes me so many hours of lost sleep because I just can’t put her books down.
Magic, culture, friendship, and tribulations. Nadia accidentally calls upon a teacher who has been trapped in her Egyptian hippo necklace for thousands of years. In this imaginative tale, Nadia learns how to be a better friend and how to stand up to prejudice expressed by a new classmate. A quick, fun read.
A lovely and humorous look at what Fathers will do for their daughters….

Feb 152022
This young adult books covers toxic relationships and dating violence but also demonstrates the importance of music and literature in providing escape from the troubles of teen life.
A young scientist has to find a balance between her profession and her religion in her quest to discover why some people are more prone to addiction than others. This is a slow, thoughtful look at depression, addiction, and the impact they make on families.
The battle between vampires and werewolves is fought out again in this story but with a much deeper context. It has great pacing and the illustrations are fabulous.
Simply adorable. The kids have loved this story of a young girl with a flare for theatre. It is always lovely to see supportive parents represented in children’s books.
Dec 072021
Two dystopian books about memory. One set in contemporary times and the other shortly after the time of King Arthur. Both have very interesting things to say about the effect of disordered memories on civilization.
Nov 092021
A contemporary, “meta” mystery with Anthony Horowitz as one of the characters. Reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie.
A classic tale of family, secrets, and intergenerational trauma. Sound boring? You haven’t read Morrison! You will feel the pain, sorrow, happiness, and love.
Korman’s new book focusing on a group of “good” students when something hateful happens. Who did it and why? You will be surprised.
Nov 122020
This book has lots of action and violence (as you would expect from a book about an enforcer). Wierdly, I only believed in the authenticity of the protagonist about 50% of the time. When Virgil is musing over his family and home, it feels very real. However, when he is referring to his job as an enforcer, he sometimes seems more like a caricature.
What is it like to be a teenage immigrant to the United States? Leaving behind your friends and all that you know to move to a country with different customs and a different language. This graphic novel does a great job of showing the difficulties and joys of making a new home.


This was masterfully written and formatted. The first short nine chapters are written in prose. Following a critical event, the story is told in verse with imaginative formatting. This is a story of hard times but with an inspiring and hopeful arc.

A gorgeous picture book starring Patience and Fortitude, the lions of New York City Library. A beautiful story of books and friendship.

Oct 082020

“All the Devils Are Here” by Louise Penny

The latest in the beloved Three Pines series is not set in Three Pines! Inspector Gamache and family have to duke it out with evil in the streets of Paris. Great characters and a fabulous plot provide the entertainment while the City of Light provides the atmosphere.

“A Winter’s Promise” by Christelle Dabos

A Winter’s Promise is the first in a quartet. Imaginative and exciting without the standard love triangle. This was a great beginning to a new series. Overall the translation from French to English is smooth with only a few minor bumps in the road. If you like magic and dragons, this one’s for you.

Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

This was first told as a story to calm down a frustrated child. A sweet, tender story of friendship with adventure but little danger, it would definitely work for a bedtime story.

Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard

This quick picture book is just spooky enough to be fun!

Jul 232020
Moses the Cat suffers separation anxiety after he is parted from his ailing friend, Lady Irene. Travel with Moses on his quest to get back to Irene with the help of other community members including a Superhero! A great book by a Nebraska Author.