Oct 082020

“All the Devils Are Here” by Louise Penny

The latest in the beloved Three Pines series is not set in Three Pines! Inspector Gamache and family have to duke it out with evil in the streets of Paris. Great characters and a fabulous plot provide the entertainment while the City of Light provides the atmosphere.

“A Winter’s Promise” by Christelle Dabos

A Winter’s Promise is the first in a quartet. Imaginative and exciting without the standard love triangle. This was a great beginning to a new series. Overall the translation from French to English is smooth with only a few minor bumps in the road. If you like magic and dragons, this one’s for you.

Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

This was first told as a story to calm down a frustrated child. A sweet, tender story of friendship with adventure but little danger, it would definitely work for a bedtime story.

Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard

This quick picture book is just spooky enough to be fun!