Online 2021 SELS Training Extravaganza

The 2021 online SELS Training Extravaganza will be held on May 7 from 9:30 – 12:30. We are excited to announce Dean Jacobs will be our keynote speaker and will speak on the topic 7 Wonders – 7 Lessons: Reasons to Have Hope in the World. We live in a world that is filled with negative news and conversations that rob the oxygen of our curiosity to be engaged in the world. Exploring 58 countries taught Dean some valuable lessons, including that the world is far more kind, generous, and beautiful than what it is given credit. Dean says that making the world a better place begins with ourselves and the story we wish to create to do so.

Other presentations will include “Fact vs. Fiction: Critical Thinking in the Age of Fake News” with Dr. Chris Haeffner and “What You Need in a Patron Behavior Policy” with Christa Porter.

Register by May 5 at

Teaching digital skills

Teaching Technology in the Library Workshop

The Nebraska Library Commission partnered with the Digital Navigators group to help guide libraries through the process of designing new library service offerings to teach tech skills to adults. Examples include workshops to help people shop safely online, group sessions to learn social media, curated job search resources, parent resource packs, password safety infographics, and more. 

In this online workshop, you will learn new ways to figure out which technology and digital skills people need to learn, and how to design a learning experience that really works. The process of Teaching Technology in the Library has been broken down into six steps to help you get started. There are plenty of resources available to inspire ideas or share directly with patrons in this curated collection of Digital Skills Clusters. Those Clusters will complement several of the activities we will do during the workshop.


By the end of the workshop, you will have developed a plan for a new library service offering you can start implementing immediately.


The workshop presenter is Amanda Sweet, the date is April 15 (1-5pm) and you can register by April 13 at