Marjorie Kobes Memorial
Marj was the first Library Director at Dvoracek Memorial Library from 1966 to 1989. The clock was given to the library in memory of Marj to replace the old clock that originally hung on the wall in the Reading Room.

Arlen and Raymond Lohmeyer Endowment
The Arlen and Raymond Lohmeyer Library Endowment is administered by the Wilber Area Community Foundation. The income from the investment provides funds to purchase books, supplies, computers, and other needs of the library.

Eleanora Houser Bequest
Eleanora was a lifelong supporter of the library. Her bequest in the form of a certificate of deposit was used to purchase a microfilm reader/printer and microfilm reels of “The Wilber Republican”. This is a fine addition to the Czech Heritage Room.

Adela Novak Memorial
Adela was an avid reader of adult fiction. We thought it was appropriate to use her memorial fund to purchase a portable book island for the display of new adult fiction books.

Stephen and Marie Pospisil Memorial
Stephen was a long-time member of the Library Board. A locking display case was selected for his memorial. Steve’s wife, Marie, was an avid reader and donated many books to the library. Her memorial was used to purchase children’s books.

Charles and Pearl Hroch Memorial
Charles was a long-time member of the Library Board. The Charles and Pearl Hroch Memorial was used to purchase a hardcover adult classics collection and a hardcover collection of state and country books for children.

Abbie Trousil Memorial
The window shades were purchased with memorial funds for Abbie Trousil.

Allen Cauble Memorial
Allen’s aunt and uncle donated a painting created by Allen, which is displayed in the Stastny Meeting Room. They also donated money to purchase a new computer in Allen’s memory.

Wilber Czech Craft Shop
The Autumn Purple Ash tree on the patio was a gift from the Wilber Czech Craft Shop to replace the ancient oak tree that was severely damaged in the 2004 tornado and ultimately had to be removed.

Arlene Sicner Memorial
Arlene’s memorial is a custom-made glass and oak display case selected by her family. The bronze sculpture “Bison”, created by Charles Sicner, is diplayed on the bottom shelf.