Yutan Public Library
Emergency and Safety Policy (Reviewed November 2017)

In case of a medical emergency call 911
If there is a tornado WARNING, the city’s tornado siren will be activated. When the tornado siren sounds:
1. The Librarian in charge will notify patrons that there is a tornado warning and direct everyone to the restroom.  Unaccompanied minors will not be allowed to leave the building.
2. Take a battery operated radio, weather radio and flashlight.
3. Stay in the restroom until area is clear.
Snow Storm
The Director must use her/his best judgment about opening the library during or after a snow storm. IF a storm starts during operating hours, the librarian will stay tuned to weather reports and close the library at her/his discretion.
If there is a fire, the librarian will evacuate the library and call 911, notifying the fire department. There is a fire extinguisher available by the front door.