Overdue Book Policy (Reviewed October 2017)


1. Any Library Materials 7 day’s overdue-Patron will receive an email/text message.
2. Any Library materials 14 days overdue-Patron will receive second email/text message.
3. Any Library Materials 28 days overdue-Patron will receive letter
4. If there has been no response to email/text/call/letter, staff should request a board decision for final resolution.

Yutan Public Library Overdue, Damaged and Lost Materials Policy (approved January 2017)

The Yutan Public Library is a member of the Saunders County Library cooperative and the five county libraries share patron records.  A patrol in arrears at one library may be denied service at the other libraries.

Check Out:

Books, audio books and movies will be loaned for 14 days with a fine of 5 cents per day for each overdue material (unless otherwise stated).  No more than twelve library materials may be checked out at one time.  Any further renewals are at the discretion of the library staff.

Reference materials should be used at the library and are not available for check out.  Included are:  games, iPads, computers, CriCut, laminator, printers paper trimmer/cutter and any other material determined by the library staff.

Overdue Fines

Any fines or damage to materials will be assessed to the cardholder and are due when materials are returned, whether in person or through the drop box.  Acceptable forms of payment include cash or check only.  Patrons may indicate how they would like to be contacted regarding overdue or lost materials.

  1.  Any materials that are 7 days overdue – Patron will receive an email or text message
  2.  Any materials that are 14 days overdue – Patron will receive 2nd email/text message
  3. Any materials that are 28 days overdue – Patron will receive a letter mailed to the address on the card application.  If materials are not returned within 5 working days, the materials will be considered ‘lost’.
  4. If there has been no response from the patron, staff should request a library board decision for final resolution.

Lost Materials

Patrons will be charged for any materials lost.  The total amount due will be determined by library staff based on current replacement costs.

Damaged Materials

A charge will be assessed to patrons for materials returned to the library in damaged condition.  The cost will be determined by library staff on current replacement costs.