Confessions of a Librarian

There are people (some are littles, some are not) who think I read every book that comes into the library!   I will confess three things …… 1.  I don’t.  I wish I had the time, but I don’t;  2.  I do try to read every children’s book that we purchase.  It’s nice to know what to recommend to the younger patrons; and 3.  I truly am a Non-Fiction junkie.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good mystery or fabulous literature; but there’s always more to learn in Non-Fiction reads!!

I find myself heading towards the Non-Fiction stacks every day.  Maybe working on my graduate degrees did it to me.  I would check out my allotted 45 books every three weeks and read every one of them.  They were all Non-Fiction:  about the progressive era; about WWII; about The Holocaust; and about women’s history.  Anything.   Whether it’s “juvenile” non-fiction or “adult” non-fiction, I learn so much.

We have some great Non-Fiction here in the library, from easy readers, to juvenile, young adult and adult.  Take some time to rediscover the magic of Non-Fiction.  I’m really glad I did.   ~~~~~ Miss Gayle

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