Deadline to Host a Makerspace — February 3, 2020

The Nebraska Library Commission’s Library Innovation Studios project features makerspace equipment that public libraries have been hosting for 20-week periods.  Thirty-one accredited public libraries in Nebraska have been selected to host one of four makerspace kits.

This grant-funded project was thanks to a 3-year IMLS grant that was to expire June 30, 2020.  IMLS contacted us and asked if the Nebraska Library Commission would be interested in a one-year extension, along with additional grant funds, so that we can work with a couple of additional cycles of public libraries.  Recently, we were notified that our extension was approved.

Because of this extension, we are adding a couple of additional cycles (Cycles 8 and 9) and are now announcing one more application round to select another eight to nine libraries. That final application deadline for accredited Nebraska public libraries has been set for February 3, 2020.

Everything you need to know to apply is located on the Library Innovation Studios Website at:, including:

  • Information about the equipment available in the four identical Library Innovation Studios that are rotating around the state – click on Equipment/Components.
  • The “Application of Interest & Commitment” due February 3, 2020. This document also lists the time periods available for the final eight to nine libraries to host the Makerspaces.
  • The “Library Participation Benefits and Expectations, with Answers to Questions” link is likely to answer questions you may have about what is all involved in hosting a Library Innovation Studio.
  • All other links and sections offer information about the project that will help bring you an understanding of the project, as well as specify the local commitment, benefits, and expectations.

Learn more about the project and the application/selection process by viewing the recorded NCompass Live webinar Library Innovation Studios: Transforming Rural Communities—Project Update and Application Process Review at:

The information in this recorded webinar is still accurate other than the final deadline is now February 3, 2020, and we will now also consider applications from any accredited public library in Nebraska, even those in larger communities. Libraries in communities over 25,000 in population—who were excluded in previous cycles—can now also apply.

The Nebraska Library Innovation Studios Transforming Rural Communities project is supported in part by the Nebraska Library Commission, partnering with the University of Nebraska Lincoln Nebraska Innovation Studio, Nebraska Extension, and Regional Library Systems. The project is funded through a National Leadership Grant awarded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS grant #LG-95-17-0046-17).

If you would like to visit a Library Innovation Studio to see what it looks like in person, they are currently at the public libraries in Nebraska City, Grant (Hastings Memorial), Verdigre/Plainview/Laurel, and Nelson/Blue Hill.  (Nebraska City and Grant have full studios, the others only have select equipment at their libraries as they are Mini Studios).

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