Due to the rising concerns and dangers with COVID-19, the Snyder Public Library will be staying closed until May 13th, and that date may end up being pushed forward, to be honest. We are hoping we will be able to officially open again in mid-May; I will post a notice at least a week beforehand letting you all know whether we will be opening or staying closed for a longer period of time.

There are no Club Nights during the month of April, and none for the first half of May. There will be no Dr. Seuss party this year.

There are no late fees for books and movies right now, but please do your best to still return your materials when you can. We still have a drop box for your books – please do NOT drop your DVDs into the drop box, as the DVD and the case will break.

Since we are not officially open, I cannot guarantee that I will be here during regular hours. I am definitely here every Sunday (except April 19th – I am working at the store that day) and Tuesday, and most Wednesdays. I have been picking up shifts at the store, so this may change, except for Sundays. Just look for the “Miss Liz is IN!” sign, call the library (402-568-2570) before you set out, or message our Facebook page, and I will be able to respond to you almost immediately.

You can still check out books and DVDs to keep the boredom at bay; our Wi-Fi is still up and running and free to use (the password is our phone number! no dashes or spaces); if you need to use a computer and our printer, you are more than welcome to stop by and do so; if your child needs craft supplies, paper, bits and bobs, etc for school projects, please feel free to ask me for them; and anything else you can think of, just ask, and I will do my best to help! <3

I miss everyone dearly and cannot wait for the day that we are officially open again. In the meantime: stay safe, stay home, stay healthy, and keep on reading! 

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