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The Snyder Library Board has four members:
Doris Laird, Beverly Meyer, Karen Niles, and
Past members include Marlene Snell & Connie Kaup <3 thank you so much, ladies!!! We miss you!!!
The library director is Elizabeth Hittle.


Elizabeth Hittle and her son have lived in Snyder for five years. Elizabeth has lived in the Scribner-Snyder area nearly all of her life, and graduated from the school there. She was the assistant/youth services librarian at the Scribner Public Library for nearly five years before becoming the new director at the Snyder Public Library in March of 2018. Elizabeth enjoys reading, gaming, and going to library events all over Nebraska. She mainly reads young adult novels, her favorite book is Sister Light, Sister Dark by Jane Yolen, and her favorite author is Rick Riordan, creator of the Percy Jackson series.


Snyder Public Library

updated 03/10/2020

In an effort to provide the best service possible and give everyone the opportunity to borrow quality books and movies, the following policies are provided for you:

  1. All patrons are required to have contact information on file in the library. The library will conduct annual verification; at that time patrons are required to update changes (if any) to their contact information.
  2. Book checkout will be for two weeks. Renewal by phone is allowed, if there is not a waiting list. Books will not be checked out longer than four weeks by any one patron.
    a. Children under the age of ten will only be allowed to check out one book at a time unless accompanied by the parent/guardian, or has a note on file from the parent/guardian. This note will be kept on file until revoked by the parent/guardian.
  3. DVDs are available for checkout at the library. DVD checkout will be for one week only. All discs will be examined upon checkout and return, noting existing conditions. Patrons who return DVDs with scratches that prohibit play are expected to pay the replacement cost of the DVD, or replace it themselves after speaking with the librarian. There are no extensions on DVDs.
  4. Items from the library are loaned in good condition and are expected to be returned that way. Patrons who so damage the item that renders a book unreadable (i.e. scribbled on, torn, or missing pages; missing, torn, or scribbled on covers) or a movie unplayable (scratched, broken, etc.) will pay the replacement value of said item, or replace it themselves after speaking to the librarian. All items have their price written on their book sleeve.
    a. Parents/guardians of patrons under the age of 13 assume responsibility for items checked out by their children.
    b. Patrons aged 17 and under have the opportunity to read off their fines: they can come into the library, get comfortable, and read at the rate of five dollars an hour. They can read until the fine is completely paid off, or they can do it in spurts; they just need to speak to the librarian beforehand.
  5. Books and DVDs not returned by the due date will accrue fines of .10 cents per day, up to 30 days, until returned. Items not returned within 30 days of the due date are considered ‘lost or stolen’ and the total replacement value of the items will be charged to the patron. Library patrons who have overdue items and have not paid the fine are prohibited from checking out any other materials from the library until the fine is paid in full.
    a. On the day that the books/DVDs are due, the librarian will give the patron a courtesy call and send out a reminder letter.
    b. A week after the patron’s books/DVDs are due, the librarian will send out another reminder letter stating that their materials need to be returned in good condition or replaced; doing so will waive any fine they’ve accumulated at that time.
    c. After another week, if the librarian has not been spoken with about the matter, a reprimand letter will be sent, signed by the entire library board and the librarian, saying that the materials are due and a fine is owed (half the total replacement value of all   the items the patron has).
    d. After all of this, if there is still no response or cooperation, the patron will owe the total replacement value of all of their materials, and will not be allowed to checkout anything from the library from then on. If the patron continues coming into the library after all of this, and has not started paying on their fine, other library privileges may be revoked until their fine is paid in full.
  6. It is not the responsibility of the library to monitor what books young patrons checkout. If the parent/guardian wishes to place restrictions on the material their children checkout, the parent/guardian must come to speak with the librarian in person. A note will be kept on file and the librarian can then make checkouts adhering to the parent/guardian guidelines.
  7. It is not the responsibility of the library to monitor which internet sites patrons under the age of 18 visit. It is recommended that parents/guardians set their own guidelines for computer use at the library. The website www.commonsensemedia.orgis available and has great family tip sheets for different age groups. If there are sites/games that the parents/guardians do not want their children using, they must come to speak with the librarian in person. A note will be kept on file for the librarian to reference in the future.
    a. All computer users are reminded they are responsible for observing all federal and state laws, including copyright law, and for independently verifying any information obtained through the internet.
    b. Although it is legal for patrons over the age of 18 to visit a variety of websites, any patron visiting a site that is not appropriate for all ages in the library will be asked to quit viewing that site.
    c. Every new patron is given a Computer User Agreement to peruse and keep for their files – failure to follow the computer rules will result in a loss of computer privileges.
  8. During inclement weather, the library will be closed if schools and businesses in the area are closed, or if travel is hazardous. Please call the library during inclement weather before setting out; the librarian usually arrives about an hour before the library opens. If the librarian is not there at opening time, the library is closed that day. Notices will be posted if possible.
  9. Patrons are expected to be kind, respectful, and polite while inside the library and at library events. The library is a safe space, a hate-free and bully-free zone, for patrons to relax in. If a patron’s behavior is rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, they will be asked to leave the building/event.

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