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The Snyder Library Board has five members:
Marlene Snell, Connie Kaup, Doris Laird, Karen Niles, and Beverly Meyer.
The library director is Elizabeth Hittle.

Marlene Snell

MarleneMarlene has lived in Snyder for 52 years and is retired from Municipal Emergency Services (formerly Danko Emergency Equipment Company).  Marlene is extremely active in her church and community.  Her hobbies are gardening, embroidery, and quilting, and she is a proud member of the “Quilt in a Trunk” quilting club.  She is married to Mr. George Snell, and together they have five children and three grandchildren. She has been a member of the Snyder Library Board since 2009, and president of the board for three years.


Connie Kaup

Connie has lived in the Snyder area for 47 years and has held a variety of jobs.  She has been the C-Store Manager, a substitute teacher, and currently is the Snyder Correspondent for both the Scribner and West Point Newspapers.  Connie is active with the Snyder and Nebraska Lions Club, the Snyder Senior Center and a member of St. Leo’s Choir.  She enjoys visiting the elderly, doing crossword puzzles, spending time with her grandchildren, and baking.  Her favorite book is The Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and she has been a board member since 2001.

Doris Laird

DorisDoris and her husband, Don, have lived in the Scribner-Snyder area for over 45 years.  Doris is a retired school teacher; many of her years of service were at the Scribner-Snyder Community School.  She enjoys reading, quilting, decorating the house, and gardening.  She also loves to travel and spend time with her friends. She has no favorite book or series, but is an avid reader and enjoys all genres.  She and Don have two children and five grandchildren. Doris has been a board member since 2010.


Karen Niles

Karen Niles has lived in Snyder for a year. Although she is a private person, she is an extremely vocal advocate for the library. Her favorite book is Kiowa Trail by Louis L’Amour, and she has been a board member since late 2017.



Beverly Meyer

Bev Meyer has lived near Snyder for almost 40 years with her husband and best friend Harvey. She is a former kindergarten and elementary school teacher and enjoys substitute teaching, teaching Sunday School, traveling, cooking, and going to the Symphony. She has several favorite books and series, but is very partial to The Yada Yada Prayer Group by Neta Jackson and the Joanne Fluke murder mystery series. Bev has been on the Library Board since mid-2017. Bev is also a member of the Snyder Book Club and invites everyone to join the group, which meets at 7 p.m. on the 4th Monday of every month at the library!


Elizabeth Hittle

Elizabeth Hittle and her son have lived in Snyder for two years. Elizabeth has lived in the Scribner-Snyder area nearly all her life, and graduated from the school there. She was the assistant/youth services librarian at the Scribner Public Library for nearly five years before becoming the new director at the Snyder Public Library in March of 2018. Elizabeth enjoys reading, writing, gaming, and going to library events all over Nebraska. She is also the newest member of the Snyder Lions Club! She mainly reads young adult novels, and can’t pick just one favorite book, but her favorite author is Rick Riordan, creator of the Percy Jackson series.

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Steven Sieraski says:

    Hi, I have an ancestor, Joseph Meier, that passed away in Snyder Nebraska on June 11, 1908. Does the library have access to any information source that might have his obituary? If so, I would like to obtain a copy if possible. Please let me know. Thank you for your help.

    • Shelley Nelsen says:

      Hi Steven,

      You are more than welcomed to come to the library and look through our material; I have a book “The Life and Times of Snyder, NE” that may have info you seek; I also have 6 boxes of original newspapers that you may look through to find what you seek. We also have four computers that may help you in your search if you don’t see it in printed form. Thanks! Shelley

  2. Steven Sieraski says:

    Hi again, I forgot to include a similar request for his wife, Johanna Meier, who passed away in Snyder Nebraska on July 2, 1908.

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