Spring Fever and Dr. Seuss!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our short-lived Spring-like weather!  So many things to do outside in preparation for the real thing.  I’m afraid we’re in for a chilly blast on Friday, though.  Hey – yet more time to curl up with books and energize your mind.  Come check out Mother Earth magazine here at the library – it has great ideas to get you motivated for planting and will easily propel you toward warmer thoughts.  We had a great Story Time yesterday!  Our story was Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert; a beautifully designed book about a cat out for a tasty treat.  Our craft was artistry at its best!  Our crowd made beautiful birds’ nests from a variety of materials, proudly showcased!.  I think these folks are definitely ready for spring!

 And speaking of Spring, our National “Read Across America” Dr. Seuss party is just around the corner!  On 3 March, at 7:00 p.m. the library will be hosting our “Race to Read” party in the Snyder Auditorium for ages 0 – 10.  Come enjoy lots of reading, lots of fun, and lots of Seuss!   Since 1998, the National Education Association has been motivating children to read by providing a positive, fun day to celebrate reading.  Research has shown that children who are motivated and spend time reading do better in school and in life!  So join us on 3 March to celebrate reading!  Brought to you by your Snyder Library!


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Call for your Labels and Dr. Seuss!

I must humbly apologize for not posting to you earlier, it has been a busy time at the library!  You may or may not know, the library collects the “Our Family Labels for Learning”  UPC Codes.  Why?  We collect these and turn them in for CASH.  This CASH is then turned into BOOKS and MOVIES for you, and helps us partially fund our Summer Reading Program for the children.  SO!  A call to you!  Please start clipping your UPC codes from the Our Family products you already purchase then bring them into the library; we have a drop-box already set up!  Any amount can be used and is greatly appreciated.

Our Annual Dr. Seuss Party is just around the corner!  Come celebrate with us in March as we honor the man who taught us to rhyme!  We’ll have a great party, and fun facts about Dr. Seuss will be here on display at the library all through March.  I’ll post soon on the date of the party.

We have some great new books at the library – if you haven’t been in for awhile, come checkout the latest craze of Miss Fortune Mysteries.  Not your cup of tea?  We have James Patterson’s new releases, new Westerns, and the latest from Nicholas Sparks, as well as some great new children’s books featuring Mercy Watson.

This cloudy, cool weather we’ve been having is the perfect time to settle in with good books.  Soon (believe it or not) Spring will be around the corner and all the outdoor ‘fun’ will begin.  Take the Winter to re-energize yourself and find your middle ground again. Books offer the escape and knowledge we all can use!  I hope to see you soon at your Snyder Library!

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Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe 2017 is upon us?  I hope you all had a joyous Christmas and a safe New Year’s celebration. What a great year we’ve had here at the library because of YOU!  We had a wonderful P.O.P. last month and I am already looking forward to the next one. That is our way of showing our appreciation to you; you are the ones that make the library what it is!

For those of you who don’t know, I keep track of everything here at the library – how many people walk through the door, how many books and movies are checked out, how many people use the computer on any given day.  So here are some things you may or may not know about your Snyder Library.

I run my figures from 12 August of one year to 11 August of the next, with a mid-tally in February.  I attend the Village Board meeting twice a year to go over the budget and let them know how our library is doing.  I’ve already shared this information with them, and I thought you might find it interesting as well.

The library has been visited 1,496 times from 12 August 2015 to 11 August 2016; over 1,100 books have been checked out, 770 movies have been borrowed, and I’ve logged computer users at 435!  And to give you a rough comparison, for the same period of time between 2014 – 2015:  visitors – 1202; books – 890; DVD’s – 504; and computer usage – 369.  So what does that tell me, and what does that tell the Village???  It tells me that you like having a library in Snyder, that we are useful to you; and in my opinion, it tells the Village Board that you want to keep a library in Snyder.  So yay you, oh Great Library Patrons!  Thank you for a wonderful year – I’ll see you soon, at your Snyder Library!

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