Summer Internship available

The Stromsburg Public Library is hiring an intern for May-August 2021. The position is a 100 hour position funded by a grant from the Nebraska Library Commission. The intern will work with staff in checking in and checking out materials, processing new materials, shelving books, maintaining the library and more. The intern will also work with the summer reading coordinator on preparing and running the summer reading program in July. Interns will also run a program for older students in the summer months that they design with the library director.

Applicants must be in high school or college and able to work Wednesdays in July. Applicants may pick up an application and job description at the Stromsburg Public Library.

COVID – 19 Updates and Information

UPDATE AS OF 3-15-20
Just a note – I’m encouraging all patrons to not linger in the library. Come, get your materials and continue on. We love you all, but minimal social interactions are being encouraged. ❤️

Did you know you can create a bookbag in our Online Catalog and we can have it ready for you? To log into our Online Catalog, your library card number is your username and your password is your last name, all lower case. This can help in shortening visits. We will check the holds and process them each morning at 10 am.

A Post from the Director:
This is the information for the library at this time. Keep in mind that this is an ever changing situation and things may change quickly. This post will be pinned at the top of our page and noted when there are updates.

As of now, the library has no plans to close. We are open our regular hours Monday – Saturday.

If you do not wish to come into the library but have materials at home there are options available to you. You can call the library 402-764-7681 to renew books and other materials. Also, feel free to drop off items in the drop box.

Keep in mind we have online materials available at nebraska.lib.overdrive.com or through the Libby and OverDrive app.

Below are several useful links where you can find more information about the coronavirus and FAQ’s.

Nebraska Department of Health website on Coronavirus

University of Nebraska Medical Center Daily Coronavirus Update

CDC website on preventing Coronavirus spread in communities

“Love Beneath the Covers”

If you know me even a little you know that I love to read. I always have. Reading is my escape, reading is my TV, reading is my relaxation, and I’m blessed to say that reading is part of my job! Much to my high school English teacher’s chagrin and to the chagrin of some of my mentors I’m not a literary reader. I’m what some would call a “fluff” reader. I want a book to grab my attention right away and pull me through the story. I want a book to so engross me that I cannot put it down and do what I’m supposed to be doing. I respect a book that focuses on characterization and less on dialogue, but I’m probably not going to move it to the top of my “to be read” list.

Unlike some readers I’ve never had the urge to write a book, at least not a fiction book. I have great respect for the craft of writing a fiction book and know that I don’t have the patience for most of it. That doesn’t mean that every aspect of writing a book doesn’t fascinate me, it does! I love to read author’s blogs and hear about the process, how they dreamed up the characters, the plot, why they chose the setting they chose, all of it. I feel it helps me enjoy the books even more.

Recently, I’ve been hearing about a documentary called, “Love Beneath the Covers” which focuses on the romance novel genre and was very excited to hear that it was coming to Netflix this week. I started watching it this morning while I was on the treadmill and I was in book geek heaven! I’ve been trying to decide if I can count watching it as professional development or even receive continuing education credits for it so I have a reason to watch it at work. (To all those who pay my salary, don’t worry, I didn’t take it that far.) There are some very startling statistics that cover the volume and readership of romance novels that astounded me, but what I liked is the fact that they interview professors of literature, bloggers, authors and everyday people. They cover the scope of the writing process, the love of reading, the author’s back stories and even how one woman turned her love of the genre into a job working for the authors!

If you love books, I recommend this documentary. Even if you “poo poo” the romance genre and can’t believe people read it, I recommend this documentary, you might be surprised at what you learn, I was!

If you love romance novels or think maybe you should give it a shot, we have received some new books over the last week you might enjoy; “The Boy is Back” by Meg Cabot, “The Life She Wants” by Robyn Carr, “Ashton Park” by Murray Pura and not new but currently on the shelf, Sandra Brown’s latest, “Sting.” These books cover the romance genre from contemporary fiction, historical fiction, inspirational fiction to mystery fiction and all of them fall under romance.

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