Let’s Be Danish

The winter months are slower publishing months so there may not be as many new books out as usual. That’s why we’ve come up with a Winter Book Bingo! Take the Book Bingo challenge and move beyond the new books to discover new books, new authors or stretch yourself outside of your reading comfort zone. Stop by to pick up a Bingo sheet and books!

I was recently looking up ways to enjoy winter more (anyone else struggle with this?) and stumbled upon the Danish Hygge (prounounced as hoo – go) mentality. One definition I found described hygge as “the art of building sactuary and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted or alive: 2. To create well-being, connection and warmth: 3. A feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other: 4. Celebrating the everyday

Some concepts of hygge to incorporate into your winter lifestyle include using candles and other soft lighting in the dark winter months, lots of cozy furnishings and blankets,  warm drinks, thick cozy sweaters and socks, comfort food like soups and stews, planning game nights or meals with friends. Hygge is about connecting with others and not isolating yourself, being cozy and warm despite the temperatures and how to foster that feeling. One concept is to even turn off electronics and enjoys books and newspapers again! What will you try this winter?

We still have the Christmas novellas out if you haven’t had a chance to cozy up with one this season yet. They will probably go back to the basement next week.


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