New Nonfiction to Inspire You to Make Change

With wit, heartwarming stories and a keen insight into new and exciting ways to see both the past and the future of the country, the actor, writer and woodworker takes a literary journey to America’s frontier to celebrate the people and landscape that have made it great.

A revelatory history of the transformational decade after World War II when Germany raised itself out of the ashes of defeat, turned away from fascism, and reckoned with the corruption of its soul, and the horrors of the Holocaust.

In this triumphant memoir, Carl Bernstein, the Pulitzer Prize-winner and pioneer of investigative journalism, recalls his beginnings as an audacious teenage newspaper reporter in the nation’s capital-a winning tale of scrapes, gumshoeing, and American bedlam.

How to Begin is for you if you’re ambitious, but feel you’ve never been given full permission to find and strive for what’s possible for you. You’ve achieved things in your career, and it’s now time to “climb the second mountain” and think about legacy. This is your practical guide to finding the focus and courage to set a Worthy Goal: one that lights you up, compels you to grow, and serves a bigger game by being thrilling, important, and daunting.

If you’re an anxious person and want to know what help crystals can offer, then keep reading…A few years ago, I stumbled into a crystal shop for the first time. I picked up a rock that looked interesting to me, and my whole life changed. I’ve been anxious my entire life, and I know it’s a problem I share with millions of other people. But finding the right crystals, and the right ways to use them has changed everything!

What really happened behind the scenes at the White House during the COVID pandemic? Numerous myths and distortions surround the Trump Administration’s handling of the crisis, and many questions remain unanswered. Dr. Atlas tells the truth about the science and documents the media’s relentless campaign to suffocate it, which included journalists’ off-camera hostility in White House briefings, and intentional distortion of facts.

Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet emphasizes high-nutrient, whole plant foods that supply abundant amounts of micronutrients. Most Americans are deficient in micronutrients and consume too many macronutrients. Natural foods contain the largest assortment of micronutrients, and when consumed every day, are proven to decrease cravings, and help you maintain your ideal weight.

Discover the art of macramé with 11 projects perfect for beginners. Projects and techniques have fully illustrated step-by-step instructions that make learning macramé quick and stress free! With projects ranging from making a simple wall hanging that’s great for a beginner to a useful market bag with T-shirt yarn for the more advanced crafter, this book will give the reader hours of creative fun and relaxation.

Valerie Bertinelli shares an inspiring blueprint that offers women in midlife support and hope. She shares personal stories that many women will relate to from her past decade: hitting her fifties, taking care of her dying mother, the evolving relationship with her husband, a career change, her relationship with food, and the battle to believe in herself as she is.

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