Activity Time

The kids have really enjoyed having Travis Rudloff from the Antelope County Extension Office lead our Summer Reading Activity Time. He has done a variety of activities from building space stations, making moon sand and slime, to talking about the different types of bees and pollination. We have enjoyed having Travis be a part of our summer reading program. He made each session fun as well as educational. We hope Travis will join us again next year. We will not have Activity Time on Thursday, July 4, but will finish out on July 11.

Kierstyn receiving her trophy for best space station design.

Aliens Invade the Library!

Is there Life on Mars? This week in summer reading the children listened to the story, Life on Mars by Jon Agee. A young astronaut is sure there is life to be found on Mars. He sets off on a mission, determined to prove the naysayers wrong. But when he arrives with a package of cupcakes as a gift, he sees nothing but a nearly barren planet. Finally, he spies a single flower and packs it away to take back to Earth as proof that there is life on Mars. But as he settles in for the journey home, he opens his cupcakes—only to discover that someone has eaten them all! Unbeknownst to the little explorer, a Martian has been wandering through the illustrations the whole time—and he got himself a delicious snack along the way. Unbeknownst to us, story time was also invaded by aliens. Pictured are the 25 aliens that landed at the library.

Summer Reading Begins

Mallory Valerie Emily Mickels just saved up nine hundred ninety-nine nickels. This catchy sentence was a trick to help the story time children remember the names of the planets and remember them quick. Summer story time started on Monday, June 3 with 14 children attending. We read the book Chicken In Space by Adam Lehrhaupt and made rockets to send our own chickens out in to space. On Wednesday 22 children listened to the story There’s No Place Like Space –All About Our Solar System by Tish Rabe. To help the children learn more about the solar system they made head bands which included the planets as well as the sun. With the help of Mallory Valerie Emily Mickels you can learn the names of the planets as long as you save up nine hundred ninety nine nickels.
Activity time began on Thursday, June 6. Travis Rudloff from the Antelope County Extension office read Let’s Explore the Moon by Walt K. Moon. The kids also made “moon sand” and built space stations. Stop by the library and vote for your favorite space station. A trophy goes to the winner!

Story time kids flying their rockets!

Story time kids showing off their “solar system” headbands.