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Elgin weather
Friday 07/31 20%
Sunny to partly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 92F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.
Chance of a Thunderstorm
Saturday 08/01 50%
Chance of a Thunderstorm
Partly cloudy in the morning followed by scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. A few storms may be severe. High 91F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.
Sunday 08/02 0%
Sunny skies. High near 95F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.
Mission statement
The mission of the Elgin Public Library is to provide materials and services for community residents of all ages for personal enrichment, enjoyment and educational needs. The library is dedicated to providing practical access to all forms of media. The Elgin Public Library is committed to supporting a lifelong enjoyment of reading and learning. Most of all, the Library's mission is to serve and be responsive to the needs of the community.

More pictures of Summer reading program with Fax Gilbert

Fax-Gilbert-Elgin-Review-2015_2215 Fax-Gilbert-Elgin-Review-2015_2126 Fax-Gilbert-Elgin-Review-2015_2144 Fax-Gilbert-Elgin-Review-2015_2162 Fax-Gilbert-Elgin-Review-2015_2206 Fax-Gilbert-Elgin-Review-2015_2110

Skeeter the clown visits the library

image    Skeeter came to the library on Tuesday to promote the circus next Tuesday.  She was very entertaining and the children all received free tickets to the circus!

Superhero training camp


Henn boys read about firemen and Police

Logan and Luke teach the children to crawl under smoke!

Luke and Logan teach children to crawl under smoke.

Luke and Logan teach children to crawl under smoke.


Pictures with Fax!

imageimageimageFax presented the program Mimes, Masks, and Magic!

Tara reads!


June 15 Story time

2015 story timeStory time 2015Corbin Read Problem Puppies and The Great Fire Engine.

Parade pictures

image image

Story time with Faith and Cale

image Children make “my hero” cards!image

Super ZeeBo

Logan Mueller and Dillon Moser brought their robot  friend ZeeBo to story time.  ZeeBo read Thomas and the School Trip, Logan read The Big Fire Engine, and Dillon read Hooray for Our Heroes. The 18 children then drew a picture of a hero and were given a super hero lollipop.boys 10 Story 10